Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Miracle Cure For Aids

Radio Left wing is reporting a local council in Papua (that part of Indonesia which butts onto PNG) has a proposal for eliminating the spread of aids which has become a devastating problem amongst its whole f**king population.


The proposal is to micro-chip aids carriers who are known to possess aggressive sexual tendencies.

Naturally there is a hue and cry, with the usual blether about human rights and all sorts. Apparently it is a 'human right' these days to impregnate anything that walks with your lethal seed if you feel the urge.

RNZ did not go into any detail of the actual micro-chipping but Adolf has done some research.

Apparently the chip is embedded beneath the flaccid foreskin while the recipient is suitably restrained. Upon the onset of erection, a signal is sent to the pituitary gland which emits a stream of libido inhibitors into the blood stream and lo and behold, the moment has passed before it has arrived. Problem solved. No matter how pissed, no matter how spaced out, no erection, no jiggy jig, no spread of HIV. Simple but brilliant.

New Zealand Cricket is investigating, in the hope that this breakthrough when reversed, might put some spine into our batting line up.

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WAKE UP said...

One assumes that reserach showed that all males in Papua have foreskins...