Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mike makes a start

Mike Williams, the Liarbour Party president, who probably did more to help National win the election than any other, is finally stepping down.
The Sunday Star-Times reports that 'Batman' will quit at a Liarbour Party gathering on Saturday.
Willimans has been an entertaining bagman.
He should be remembered for his associations with Owen Glenn and what that led to.
There was him caught lying on tape at that Liarbour conference last year.
There was the scurrying off to Melbourne at the height of the election campaign, and him being revealed as 'Batman' , the character leaking the H-fee documents to the Dominion-Post.
Indeed, perhaps Mike might deserve more credit for National's victory than we might originally think.
Nontheless, Uncle Helen remains a 'very old friend' of his.
Which brings me on to his directorships.
There are at least seven of them, reported Kiwiblog in April, bringing in nearly $200,000 a year.
Now, is obviously the time to start stripping him of those roles too, unless you feel he deserves to keep a few in recognition of his role in helping secure a National victory!


WAKE UP said...

Ah yess, the good ol' St. Augustine principle: " Give me chastity - but not yet".

It really pisses me off when damage-doing dolts like this guy "step down" (for which, read "run for cover") "without regrets".

WE are the ones with regrets, Mike.
And you're merely joining a long list of similar rat-runners.

Madeleine said...

Love the picture!


It reminds me of the historically ignorant anti-war protests the student union led at Otago where everyone protested the war in Iraq by calling for peace in our time.

Johnboy said...

Yeah great photo like a cross between Nixon and McCarthy I thought. Don't forget Spud the engine driver/banker gets over $300,000 for doing the same as Williams but most likely eating more at the shareholders meetings!

Anonymous said...

Surprised that the real story behind Williams' trip to Australia hasn't been the subject of some proper investigative journalism.

The fact is that many months ago Labour thought it had the "neutron bomb" to drop on Key - the trip was intended only as "theatre" to justify their release of the "incriminating" signature just before the election. Remember Mallard's "H-fee" interjection in Parliament?

Clearly Labour had dug up the supposed signature a long time ago, but it was only after Williams alerted NZ journalists about his mission that further digging revealed Labour's humiliating error.

Madeleine said...

Funny, Johnboy, I would have said it was more a cross between Williams and Chamberlain.