Friday, November 28, 2008

Looks Like Rodney has more work to do!

Bill English says what savings are found will be spent elsewhere.

So if National is to meet certain election promises, then our Epsom warrior will be extra busy trying to find the cash.

No wonder Rodney fainted!
Life just seems so damned unfair!


Johnboy said...

Now I understand the extent of JK's crafty planning.
Rodders saves the money. It gets handed on to Nationals right hand who pass it on to their left hand who passes it to Pita and Tariana to be invested wisely with the cuzzies and bros. People said JK didn't understand politics!! Fuckwits!!!

Clunking Fist said...

So what if Rodney came over a little queer.


Anonymous said...

Methinks he may be overdoing the exercise/diet regime he has set himself. He strikes me as a man who doesn't do anything by halves.

Mrs Danvers