Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Last Noelle The Angel Did Say

This lovely young leftie has the voice of an angel and, so it would seem, the pen of the plagiarist.

(Photo pinched from SST)

Adolf happened to hear her on air a few days before the election, indulging in a bout of Bush bashing and Key denigration with a couple of other noted leftie self styled intellectuals.

The comparison of her writing and the originals looks pretty conclusive to me. Unfortunately for her, she was not found out a year earlier. Labour would have snapped her up for a senior Comms position in the new Trains Dept. Oh well, she has many strings to her bow. She could brush up her table maid skills and rewrite a few restaurant menus.

I'm trying to remember the other noted plagiarist leftie of recent times. Ah yes, that's right. The Vice President of the USA.


WAKE UP said...

The "Overseas Expert" syndrome remains alive and well in New Zealand.

(Allen Curnow wrote a play about it ages ago).

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to more left wing rubbish. Journalists they call themselves. What a laff. See where AP is laying off 10% of staff too. More good news.

Anonymous said...

Intriguing. I wonder who was/is gunning for her. I could have understood it if this info had come out preelection, but now????
Did the Ditzy Diva simply reach too high too fast and thus offended all those short poppies that tend to surround her kind?
It sure doesn't sound like a right-wing attack machine antic, does it?

Faversham said...
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WAKE UP said...

No, LA FEMME, what offended me was that this semi-literate young woman got regular column space to burble on about things she had no mastery of, solely because she was a recently-arrived novelty.

Kinda like the late unlamented Kate Belgrave (whatever happened to her?)

And dare I mention the absurd Tracey Barnett?