Saturday, November 1, 2008

H-fee horrors for Helen and Liarbour

The Weekend Herald has a triple whammy for Uncle Helen and Mike Williams over the H-Fee scandal.

First, Fran O'Sullivan notes Liarbour's 'boomerang bomb,' noting Uncle Helen's involvement.

The Prime Minister's pathetic attempt to distance herself from Williams' ham-fisted behaviour lasted a mere 24 hours before she was forced to confirm the Labour Party paid for what she initially described as his "private mission".

But Fran's best comment is reserved for Mike Williams.

It is unfathomable that Williams and Labour's taxpayer-funded "researchers" thought they would drive home a connection putting Key at the centre of this white-collar crime by uncovering evidence that had eluded the Australian National Crimes Authority's forensic investigators.
If evidence existed linking Key to the transaction he would either have faced charges, or been subpoenaed to give evidence in the subsequent court cases against Jarrett and Hawkins. He wasn't.

John Armstrong today says Liarbour trips up on its own arrogance.

it clumsily seems to think it can fool the public that it is performing a public service that gives it the latitude to parade the flimsiest material as proof of Key's unfitness to govern.
When it turns up nothing - and no less a figure than the party's president is doing the digging for dirt - Labour looks as if it is driven by a fatal mix of arrogance and desperation. Hardly a good look in the penultimate week of an election campaign.
The dirt-digging is the result of Labour's frustration in failing to land a really damaging hit on Key in the way it could on true free marketeers like Don Brash and Jenny Shipley.

And he concludes:

That blunder has ended up only reinforcing Key's standing. Some achievement a week out from polling day.

While the editorial today confirms the involvement of The Standard in the H-Fee smear.

It was our extensive profile of Mr Key this year that caused a Labour-affiliated website to question the honesty of his recall of these events and challenged us to correct the record.
When Labour Party president Mike Williams took the extraordinary step of leaving his post in the middle of an election campaign to follow up his suspicions in Melbourne, the Herald's Eugene Bingham, primary author of the Key profile, was not far behind him.

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adamsmith1922 said...

I see we are on similiar lines of thought this morning
At last the MSM are questioning what is going on