Sunday, November 30, 2008

Flippin'Eck!! : state aid for drunken sluts

Flippin' eck!

Another flop from Gordon Brown's Britain: free flip-flops or jandals for drunken women!!!

Yes, the Boys in Blue have a $80,000 scheme which the Taxpayer's Alliance brands a waste of money.

But police say the programme will actually save money as the high-heeled drunken sluts won't injure themselves when they fall over!

What a land I am returning to?!!


KG said...

"What a land I am returning to?!!"

A totalitarian shithole is what you're returning to, part of the EUSSR.

Madeleine said...

I am not sure it is any easier for a woman to walk in jandals than it is in high heels whilst under the influence.

So in short, a complete and utter tax payer waste.

ZenTiger said...

Hey, calm down. The $80,000 is not solely for jandals.

It also covers rape alarms, since drunken wenches may be preyed upon. And if that doesn't work, the budget includes handing out free condoms to minimise the damage from the inevitable (or so their logic goes).

The only thing they appear to have forgotten to sponsor is the drinks - to avoid getting spiked RTDs.