Thursday, November 27, 2008

The evil strikes! (yet again)

Yes, the barbaric evil faith Islam has murdered once more in its name, this time in Mumbai, India.
While we express our disgust or our indifference at this latest example of Jihad, more is yet to come.
India faces further trouble amid its multi-faith democracy from this evil 7th Century death cult.
But India is not alone.
We are all under threat.
It is time for us all to wake up!
And halt all muslim immigration to the West, as well as seeking to defeat the terrorists wherever and whenever they strike!


Simon said...

Where is Gandhi when you need him?

Gandhi’s passive non violence resistance worked with the might of the British Empire with Deccan Mujahideen should be a piece of cake.

Not sure if they are home grown nutjobs they might be Pakistanis anyway the modern western welfare state would collapse without massive third world immigration.

Home-grown Moslem terrorism is part of the price of the modern welfare state.

KG said...

Ghandi? His tactics only worked because he was dealing with a fundamentally civilised and decent mindset. (yes, yes, we all know there were some atrocities committed by the British, but the above generalisation holds true).

"Home-grown Moslem terrorism is part of the price of the modern welfare state."
Only if we allow it to be, by following the failed multiculti/PC model. There are better ways to manage immigration. (and welfare)

Anonymous said...

We have to lose, and quickly, our cringing political correctness. Until we return to calling a spade a spade, and reject absolutely the bromide that Islam is a religion of peace, these atrocities with continue and increase.

Mrs Danvers

Anonymous said...

we should call on the non violent Muslims to both reject and stop the violent Muslimes

Otherwise we treat all muslims as violent and a threat to us and act accordingly

We must make the Muslimes aware that they are either with us or against us and those against us will be terminated with extreme prejudice

Remember the violent Muslims have set the rules of engagement We are merely responding.