Sunday, November 9, 2008

Election thoughts

Winners: ACT & Rodney, John Key, Greens. The Greens did very well increasing their MP numbers on the back of a swing to the right. John Key was very impressive as were his MP's who won left seats (Paula Bennett in Waitakere, Nikki Kaye in Auckland Central) or increased their majorities to ensure next time is safe (Coleman in Northcote).

Losers: Clark, Williams and the strategists. Can anyone tell us what the "this one's about trust" was all about? It never hit home with me.

Gains: Peters, Clark, Cullen - all gone. Wow! It is now time for ACT to become the third party in parliament. It will be interesting to see how relevant the Greens become in opposition for three years.

Impressions: The way Key did such a great job gobbling up that centre vote. Labour has core support at about 30% I think so it only got 3% more off the centre. Key got virtually all of it.

What now?

Tax, spend and bust governments for nine years have left us, funnily enough, taxed, spent and broke. Treasury's graphs will not be pretty.

Meanwhile, Cullen slopes off to the backbenchers and hopes no one notices.


Anonymous said...

"This one's about trust" I think is the result of one of Labour's brainstorming weekends. I seem to remember them all heading to the country for a rebore when they listened fascinated by the concept of 'framing the debate' and making the other side respond to it. Some genius has figured if someone is rich they must have a dodgy section of their lives, therefore Key must have a dirt bag hidden somewhere.

Unfortunately the public don't all think that someone who earns more than the public service payscale is a crook. Labour continued to step on the rake with the litany of form they had on trustworthiness.

A case of ready; fire; aim;

ISeeRed said...

And now they've been fired!

Psycho Milt said...

Mike Williams deserves some kind of recognition from the National Party for all the hard work he put in ensuring their success. A medal of some kind?

Inventory2 said...

And to cap it all off, the Gunners beat the Scum - a perfect ending to an historic weekend!

Anonymous said...

Milt is dead right.

Come in agent Williams.

Time for a debrief!.


Socrates said...

I have to say... Go the Bill and Ben Party

The Bill and Ben Party ** 10,738 ** 0.51

Not bad for two days joke campaign... And they got more than the family party :-)