Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Didn't he do well!!

Not bad for the boy from the State House.
But John Key and New Zealand can look back at his first foray on the Global scene with pride.
Key was the man in demand and the man to watch.
As reported earlier, he was sought by Bush, he was sought by the Chinese.
Relations look good with Aussie PM Kevin Rudd.
And in Britain, Key saw the Queen- the one woman who has guided prime ministers and observed the political scene for 50-odd years, gaining an unrivalled knowledge on the mastercrafts of politics and diplomacy.
Key also saw current PM Gordon Brown, and hopefully learnt how NOT to deliver a mini-budget.
Key also saw the next UK PM David Cameron as well as London Mayor Boris Johnson.
Now, I recall a Stuff poll a few days back which showed a majority of people believing the Key government would not do well.
Funny Stuff polls have turned so anti-National.
Were people still so keen to get rid of Uncle Helen that they still voted for Key?
Either way, if the poll is right then expectations are low.
This can only be to National's advantage as Key, National and their ACT allies carry on with their sound start.
First in creating the government at such rapid speed and with strength and unity.
Then, with John Key's appearance on the world stage, where he has met so many important people, an effort I am sure will pay dividends in time.
Now, as Key returns home, I am sure he will also roll his sleeves up to deal with the almighty mess he and his government have inherited.
Well done John! And good luck with the tasks ahead!


Lindsay said...

Remarkable. Did they colour co-ordinate beforehand?

mawm said...

Key's the man!

Are we going to have our press spend the next decade trying to destroy Key at the expense of our country - just like the left wing media in America have done? All I can say is 'we are in this together and if you pulled in the same direction, things will improve for everybody'.

FFS he's our Prime Minister and because he got more votes than anyone else, deserves to be. It's called democracy.

Tim said...

Regarding the stuff polls now seeming to be anti-National (and from a personal perspective) it may be that before the election many pro-National (or anti-Labour) Stuff readers were keen to participate because they were interested in changing the government. Now that job is done they just don't care about Stuff polls (I don't anyway) any more, there's work to be done. The anti-Nat's however are still keen to make their sentiments felt and are using the Stuff polls as a vehicle for it. Basically, I just don't care that much about the Stuff polls anymore.

Anonymous said...

Queen to Prince Phillip

Gosh that Mr Key is such a nice young man So charming Thank goodness they got rid of that awful Clark person. Such bad manners, No breeding

It will so nice to deal with Mr Key in the future


Clunking Fist said...

Prince Phillip to Queen
"'ears, but he is a jew, don't you know? Count your rings, dear, count your rings."


Clunking Fist said...

Queen to PP: "Watch your mouth, Filipos."