Sunday, November 30, 2008

The dangers of Christmas!!!

Newspaper columists like the Daily Mail's Richard Littlejohn have given acres of space to the shambolic suppression of Christmas on grounds of 'Elf and Safety.'
Apparantly it is unsafe to have decorations in woprkplaces, and you can forget about climbing up some steps to put a star or angel on a Christmas tree, which is probably a fire hazard anyway.
But yes, two classic silly season stories concerning Christmas have appeared in the British weekend papers or reported on the blogs.
The excellent Archbishop Cranmer yesterday reported that in Hemel hempstead, carol singers have been banned on grounds of 'health and safety.'
And the Daily Telegraph has reported that hairdressers in Norwich have been threatened with jail if they offer mulled wine to their customers!
Now, don't tell Auckland City Council, but many years ago, a salon I frequented once would give customers a glass of plonk with their cut and colour. But so they should, charging $100 plus!
Anyway, my colleague Barsnley Bill said he was to start a series of articles called Bizarro Britain, featuring the wackiest tales from the Mother Country.
It seems I have beaten him to it.
Perhaps my title could be from the sign off of a couple of earlier posts today.
Just what sort of a country am I returning to??!


Barbara B said...

There's these too from another english blog ...
"- A town in Dorset where it has long been traditional for a local (17th century) militia to fire blanks from their muskets over the Christmas Tree has banned the practice on the grounds that the noise may frighten some children.

- A town has not put up any Christmas lights because going up the necessary ladders etc to do would would constitute a "health and safety risk" for the workmen."

Scary stuff - apparently they think our modern version childrens' playgrounds are incredibly adventurous!

Enjoy the UK and come home to NZ soon, its a relief to be back!

Falafulu Fisi said...

carol singers have been banned on grounds of 'health and safety.

Fuck that! I am having my christmas carol on the 20th, December , starting at 8pm till dawn.