Saturday, November 29, 2008

Comrade Brown strikes again!

In a week when we hear of the death of NuLabour and the return of Old Liarbour, following a bout of taxraising and Nationalisation in the UK, we now see the arrest of a senior Tory MP, Damien Green, for receiving government leaks.
Indeed, isn't it the job of opposition MPs to accept and publish leaks that embarass the government.
The matter appears to have had little coverage in New Zealand, but here is commentary from Whale Oil, Adam Smith and our own Barnsley Bill.
But the strongest condemnations and clearest explanations come from a top trio of UK bloggers, Iain Dale, Guido Fawkes and Archbishop Cranmer.
The hypocrisy of Gordon Brown, the shame of the speaker of the Mother of Parliaments, the role of the police, all adds up to one almighty scandal, especially for a government in a country that was once a beacon for freedom, home to the Mother of Parliaments.
Now, we have a Britain ruled by a sleazy party where honours can be bought and anti-terrorist legislation aimed at tackling muslim murderers is instead used to silence pensioners at Labour conferences or freeze the assets of troubled Icelandic banks.
Anyway, read how a corrupt police force acts for a corrupt government.
And why does it matter to us Kiwis?
Well, where London leads, NZ Liarbour follows.
This is the type of thing that might well have happened here, had Uncle Helen won her coveted fourth term!


adamsmith1922 said...

I posted again with Nick Clegg's denunciation of Brown over this matter

adamsmith1922 said...

In fact I really got the bit between my teeth and posted here as well

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