Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cartoonists missing Helengrad? and what about the impressionists?

I don't wish to be hard with Emmerson at the New Zealand Herald.
I have always loved his Helen Clark, thinking he produces the best of our former Dear Leader.
But today I was looking at his Week That Was cartoons, and while his John Key was fine, there is still much work that needs to be done on his Bill English, as seen here on Thursday.
Tom Scott also has a decent Key but yes, his Uncle Helen was better too.
I guess it all comes down to practice and the nation's cartoonists will just have to keep on working on their drawings and refining their images of our new government.
But might some find a new regime damages their careers as some impressionists have found?
I recall as a boy UK impressionist Mike Yarwood reached the peak of his career for his impressions of former PM Harold Wilson, and it never recovered when Wilson was gone. Margaret Thatcher created a short career for Janet Brown, just as Sarah Palin recently worked wonders for Tina Fey.
Now, I recall someone used to do a plausible Helen Clark impression on tv (sorry, I've forgotten her name) but it appears New Zealand does not have the talent or the political will from our tv stations to have such impressionists on tv.
I am sure someone in Britain does a wonderful Gordon Brown on tv now (and is perhaps working on their Dave Cameron too) so it is a shame that New Zealand misses out on such satirical entertainment.
Let us us hope our cartoonists, satirists and impressionists can bring themselves up with the times.
And good luck to them!


Anonymous said...

It was Lorae Parry who did Helen with Pinky Agnew as Jenny Shipley.
Pinky has of course lost a lot of weight by the look of her website photo and would struggle to look like the galleon under full sail that was Jenny.


Cheers Johnboy

I remeber their performances.
Just couldn't rememeber their names.

So who is to become John Boy?

Anyway, hasn'y the real Shipley lost weight too?

Anonymous said...

Cartonists can only draw good cartoons when their subject is venial and evil.

Look at Scott's Muldoon and his Helen. Both truly terrifying. Noone else come close.

Cartoonists bring out what is inside. And when that is evil, you get great cartoons.

Key and English will never ever be good material for cartoons. They are honourable, honest men.
They are - for want of a better word - good.
It's as simple as that.


Indeed anonymous and Key and English don't have significant distringuishing features.
Key has been shown to have a long nose and chin, but that's about it.
Clark had starry eyes, the hair, the teeth, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

Key has been shown to have a long nose and chin,

Yep. Same stereotypes from 1930s Germany.

other than that?
there isn't anything.

Clunking Fist said...

There's some great computer renditions of my favourite man, Gordon Brown: