Saturday, October 11, 2008

Winston Peters:"Liar , crook and a C***!!!!"

Willie Jackson looks set to retain our affections as one of our favourite lefties with what looks set to be a piece of classic television Sunday morning.
Uncle Helen's poodle is on Eye to Eye at 11.30 and we are promised the most fiery debate ever on New Zealand television, complete with the air turning blue.
As Roarprawn revealed this morning, Winnie turned up to TVNZ expecting to see his old mates Barry Soper and Chris Trotter. But the cheeky chappy Willie swapped Trotter for Matthew Hooton.
Initially, Winnie refused to appear with Hooton, who has called Winnie a liar. But Hooton then called him a "liar, crook and a cunt" and a commotion followed.
The programme had to be re-recorded and while the broadcast programme promises to be lively, an original likely to find it's way to You Tube could be devatstating!
In the meantime, while Winnie claims vindication following the SFO not finding fraud in their inquiries into Winston First, we must remember Winston still breached other laws.
As David Farrar explains, these are multiple lies from Peters, whom the normally mild-mannered David brands a 'pathological liar.'


Anonymous said...

Should be brilliant television.
Winston does provide some classic tv gold, as shown by his attack on Jessica Mutch this week.
But why does he get himself into such scrapes.
It must be that he is unbalanced somehow.
The poodle should learn from his master and then he would have the media eating out of his hand.
They would happily such his cock for him.
And I bet Hunky Dunky would lead the queue.


Falafulu Fisi said...

The guy (Willie Jackson) is an idiot, but at least he is friendly. He always says hello to me when he sees me walking down the road, on his to work (Radio Live).