Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Was Shifty Helen Clark Up To Twenty Years Ago?

Updated: See number fifth, below.

See number fourth, below.

The Labour Party's efforts to dig dirt on John Key invite an obvious response but not one which will please Labour, this close to an election.

What was the Bilious Bitch up to back when John Key was turning an honest dollar and building a respectable career?

First: Adolf has seen a number of suggestions that she was among those disgusting activists who abused, spat on and threw bags of their own shit at our troops as they returned from Vietnam.

Hardly a surprise but I have yet to see any reliable reports of such activity so if anyone can send me links to these I'd be grateful. Here's one, from The Standard:

"Clark and her radical lefist student mates throwing bags of human excrement, spitting, and screaming “baby killer” at returning Vietnam soldiers owe everyone an apology: for being on the wrong side of history."

Second: It seems she was more deeply involved than she would like to remember in support for some pretty dodgy overseas communist outfits:-

".......a report by New Zealand journalist Bernard Moran which says:

“When Filipino Intelligence officers raided an underground safe house in Manila on the night of March 24, 1988, they not only captured leading hard liners of the Communist Party of the Philippines New Peoples’ Army, but also 97 computer discs.

“I have in my possession,” continues Moran, “a photocopy of a three-page document from one of those discs. It is headed ‘Workshop 1: Party to Party Relations, June 13, 1986’.

“It deals with overseas work and those who are in consultation with the International Department of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). On page three, line eight, Helen Clark is listed as the ‘individual link’ for New Zealand.”

Who is Bernard Moran? Here's a CV. Sounds like the sort of fellow who might know his way around the place.

Associate OTUS
A freelance journalist by training Bernard has a long association with the military, serving in the UK and Europe as well as with the New Zealand Army in the Intelligence Corps. A director of Trinity Associates, an information research firm, he brings 20+ years of journalistic field investigative skills grounded in military intelligence experience. He has built an extensive network throughout the Pacific Basin and is well 'connected' in the United States as well. Bernard is a member of 'Sub Rosa' the Military Intelligence Association as well as many other professional associations. Skills include country studies, security assessment and information collection.

Third: Helen Clark was one of the biggest asset strippers in our history.

When she was Deputy PM in the Lange/Palmer Labour government she personally signed off on the sale and privatization of more state assets than at any other time before or since.

- Air New Zealand (1989)
- New Zealand Steel (1987)
- Petrocorp (1989)
- Postbank (1989)
- Telecom NZ (1990)
- Works Corporation (1989)

Hell, I didn't need to take a plane load of tax payer funded Labour lackeys to Melbourne for a week to find out what our shifty, manipulative, mendacious Prime Minister was up to when John Key was a lad.

Fourth: Breaking into military bases and carrying out acts of sabotage during the 1970s. Especially on Labour Day. How quaint!

Fifth: Accepting $250k donations from fraudsters. The same ones with whom dickhead Mike Williams spent a week in Melbourne trying to smear John Key.


Sus said...

Hi Adolf: I'm glad she/they privatised those organisations in your third point. Given that it's one the very few actions of which I approve, it's no surprise that she plays it down, then.

Re Clark's activism in student/early days, I was chatting to an elderly man at a work conference about ten years ago. He was semi-retired, but worked part-time for the enjoyment of it. He was ex-RNZAF. As I had family members who'd recently left the air force, we were talking defence, or lack thereof here in NZ.

He openly said that AF staff dreaded long public hol weekends in particular at the various bases in the late 60s & early 70s, because Clark & Geoff Palmer - from memory he mentioned Goff, too, but I stand corrected - and fellow travellers would routinely attempt minor acts of sabotage .. cutting through base fences, etc, to be a nuisance; Labour weekend being a particular favourite! ;)

I caught up with him at several conferences over several years before he retired for good. He had a long memory - and no love for yesterday's revolutionaries aka today's reactionaries.


Didn't that Hawkins chap donate money to the Liarbour party in the late 80s?
I'm sure that is what I have read in comments on other blogs.

KiwiGirl said...

"Hawkins said Equiticorp gave $250,000 to Labour in 1986 during pro-free enterprise Finance Minister Roger Douglas's four-year stint under Prime Minister David Lange and a "substantially lesser" amount to National the same year. "I expect if (Labour) are being fair they will mention that as well," he said."
Found on the Stuff website.


Wasn't Dear Leader as deputy prime minister also keeping quiet as to the state of the Bank of New Zealand and the state of the country's finances, a matter which led to the law changing so Treasury must give a PREFU so the parties know the trtue state of the country's finances prior to each election.
After all, this election is about trust, isn't it.
Can we trust a prime minister who was party to such deception over the country's finances and a major bank prior to the 1990 election?

Redbaiter said...

You'll only ever read these things in the blogosphere. The MM is controlled by Klark lackies who may make the odd token attack but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, they'd hush this kind of stuff up before they'd give it space. Then again, if Key had done these things, imagine the headlines!!!

Anonymous said...

And dont forget the most unusual domestic arrangements with a future Governor General in the early 1970s and that Clark was a Minister in the Government that appointed this person GG in the 1980s

people in glass houses really shouldnt throw stones They get rocks chucked back at them


Inventory2 said...

She really IS the Hollow Woman!