Friday, October 3, 2008

A Vertical Corpse

Sarah Palin creamed Joe Biden today. Even with the moderator on three occasions quickly moving to the next question as Biden was having his clock cleaned.

She had him so rattled he flat out lied at least ten times during the debate. So much for his experience. Thirty five years in the Senate and still he is unfit to be President. He looked older than John McCain - due mainly to the appalling make up, I must admit.

Whether McCain wins or loses the election, today you saw the likely President of the US in 2012.

Very well done Sarah Palin.

Make sure you don't do any more edited interviews on left wing TV shows.


Anonymous said...

I thought Palin did very well too. Pity CNN begged to differ,

Pete said...

Although I generally line up with most comments on your blog, I can't believe you think Sara Palin won this debate. Even Republican commentators gave Biden the edge. personally, I didn't really like Biden previously but I saw a long interview with him last week, and I thought he was very credible.
CNN and Fox polling put Biden well ahead.

Anonymous said...

A vote for Osama is the White flag of surrender

that's how it is.

Palin wiped out both Biden and Osama, no question.

If McCain wins, Palin should be Pres by 2010; if not by 2012. Either way she's in the white house til 2020 at least!

eat that liberal scum

Anonymous said...

Palin’s often sparkling performance, coupled with Biden’s harsh partisanship, will translate into a clean win for her and by extension McCain. Traditionally, a candidate who both exceeds expectations and displays the more pleasing personality is adjudged the winner. By these criteria, Palin clearly won.

from a US blog.

Oh and Fox Polls now have Palin at 54%, Biden at 46%

pdm said...

Pete said `CNN and Fox.

Not what I saw a few minutes ago - Fox had Palin at 88% which looks like a whitewash to me.

lhagambia said...

The only thing that got creamed was the front of your undies watching Sarah Palin for 90 minutes. She did OK. Considering how low the expectations were for her, that's almost a win. And Palin for president in 2012? Please, there's no way Americans would ever elect an idiot as president.

Anonymous said...

And Palin for president in 2012? Please, there's no way Americans would ever elect an idiot as president.

They elected bush twice.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Tonight the McCain campaign will be smiling and the Obama campaign will be shitting themselves. Why? Because the Gaffe Machine gave ten publicly uttered lies to the GOP which they will use to ridicule him and his fraudulent running mate.

Anonymous said...

Sarah won by 86% on Fox and 70% on Drudge Report, but dip stick Tim Wilson on TV One gave the win to Biden -- I guess he must have been looking at the CNN poll (51% for Biden).

Psycho Milt said...

I suppose technically you could call it a win for her, as she didn't just crash and burn. With expectations that low, just making it to the end of the show was a success. Aren't you all embarrassed at the Republicans setting that low a standard, though?

Anonymous said...

Not what I saw a few minutes ago - Fox had Palin at 88% which looks like a whitewash to me.

Hell yeah. She completely wasted the fucker.

A vote for Obama/Biden is a vote for surrender

says it all really

Anonymous said...

They elected bush twice.

any fuckwit who thinks bush is an idiot should simply be taken out and shot.

whatever they are, neither bush nor palin are idiots: as liberals have learned to their cost.

Even Radio-Fucking-Socialism gave the debate to Palin.

She reduced Biden to tears: can you say loser

I knew you could.

Frankly: Palin won the election tonite.

Anonymous said...

I suppose technically you could call it a win for her

Fuck your "technically" PM:

Palin won the presidency for McCain tonite.

Why can't you lefties be gracious even in defeat?

Ackers said...

Have been in a conference all day so missed the debate but a quick trawl through the live blogging and post debate analysis this looks a smart summary.

Certainly the polls for what they are worth would back this up.

Despite annonymous and Adolf cracking respective fats from Sarah not melting down, it's clearly not going to change the dynamics which are still overwhelmingly running Obama's way.

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1. The only problem Palin has is that she is told what NOT to say. Turn on the bright lights and of course you will look like a possum caught in the headlights. Tell her what she can say, and let her get on with it.

2. Whatever happens in the USA election, the decline of the empire continues.....
Just look at the candidates and their successors:
a wolf in sheeps clothing with a mutt in no clothes, and mutton dressed up as mutton with mutton dressed up as lamb.

Where's the beef?

Psycho Milt said...

You really need to get over this crush on Palin, Anonymous Fascist - it's getting embarrassing.

By any objective standard, Palin showed up as a crap debater. She couldn't answer the questions so fell back on her rehearsed talking points, over and over again. Of course, that doesn't matter, because all she had to do was not fuck up. She didn't fuck up. So that's a great relief for the Republicans, but it translates into "she completely wasted the fucker" only in your wank-fantasy.

Ackers said...

Best comment so far....

"It became a chore to listen to her after 10 minutes or so. She speaks just as you described, but even worse, there isn't any substance behind it, just talking points and gibberish. My IQ probably fell a couple points because of her.

KG said...

No substance at all, nossir.
Unlike Obama and his brilliant supporters who use such nuanced, profound statements such as "we are the change we have been waiting for" and.."hope and change.
And hope and change...
And sometimes, evenhope and change yet!
Darn, the left are

Ackers said...

McCain needed a game changer from Palin. She exceeded expectations and got a closer match than many expected but if anyone can show me evidence this is a game changer I'd be very surprised.

The weight behind Obama is enormous at the moment. Obama really needs to completely crash and burn to lose and this aint gonna do it.

Falafulu Fisi said...

Adolf said...
Whether McCain wins or loses the election, today you saw the likely President of the US in 2012.

Perhaps Sarah will pick Lisa Randal for vice president.


I've just watched the debate via the Political Animal blog, cheers Darren Rickard.
Well, I guess my comments will be quite mainstream.
First of all, I was expecting more of a tub-thumping Christian Conservative from Palin, an extremist even.
But no, at times she sounded like a pinko copmmie wet liberal.
She talked of greed and corruption in Wall Street, that Bush government had made mistakes and she talked about change.
And this from a Republican!
She even believed in climate change , though she wasn't sure if mankind was to blame for it all.
Sarah Palin has been deminised by the left and the media as some kind of bible bashing right wing extremist.
But what we got was someone mainstream, centrist even on many of the issues. One that even tackled the oil companies in her own state.
I felt Palin could have gone more on the offensive over Fannie and freddie and attacked Obama more. Instead, she praised John McCain.
She was also good on healthcare, Iraq, the War on Terror and foreign affairs.
Where she was weak, was perhaps in not being aggressive enough. There again, maybe going on the offensive would have turned people off. She showed homespun charm. Aggression might have created a nagging shrew.
Thanks to the media, expectations of Sarah Palin's performance had been set low.
But Palin showed competency all round and did not disappoint.
True there were no knockout punches from either side, but I am sure Palin has the makings of a great vice-president and she can handle the job of energy secretary too.
As for Biden, he too avoided gaffes, ad I do not have the same fear of him that I do have of Obama.
Whether tonight's performance pushes McCain-Palin to the White House, I'm not sure. Yes, I think it will , but there is still much ground to make up for.

As for the moderator, who is publishing a book on Barack Obama, I think it is dodgy to have her moderating because of the clear conflict of interest. But she seemed reasoanably fair.

But what is not fair is the demonisation of Sarah Palin. She is not the evil she is claimed to be and I am sure much of Middle America will see that too. The left and the media will have lost credibility here and that can only be good for the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Oh and while TV3 was fair, wasn't TV1's coverage shameful.
Do they have the Democrats writing their scripts.
Awful newsreader and as for that correspondent in the US. What a pair of dicks!


that comment above was from me

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Sarah Palin did a good job.

I look forward to McCain winning the Presidency on 4 November.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin did a great job. She was - as she said she was - talking to the people, not to the pundits and political commentators and academics, i.e. not even to the people who run blogs and certainly not to those who care about policy or ideology.

People don't care about policy or ideology any more: these days elections are about character.

That's what Palin has over Biden, Obama, and McCain too.

And that's what Key has over Clark: and on amount of Labour policy releases will change that - nor could any amount of National policy make up for it if key wasn't basically a hardworking, taxpaying Kiwi that other hardworking, taxpaying Kiwis trust.

so in that sense, Helen is just right: it's about trust. But people don't trust her.