Thursday, October 30, 2008

US Presidential candidates quiz

Yesterday seemed be the day of the political quiz.
I've just completed a quiz over at Fox News (see above) and it seems my views are closest to John McCain, but only at 48%.
Other high hiders were a Republican called Alan Keyes, closely followed by some Libertarian guy and a radical socialist feminist.
I guess its my liberalism on abortion and gay marriage, coupled with my anti-immigration, pro-hanging, pro-gun rights opinions, and freemarket economics that causes the difficulty to pigeonhole me neatly into a US political party.
At the bottom, and no surprises there, was Barack Obama at 28%, with Ralph Nader scoring a little above.
Now Pundit, who has the NZ election quiz mentioned earlier by Adolf and others, also features the original US candidates quiz.
This time, I was closest a 68% to former Republican Congressman Bob Barr, who was the Presiential Candidate for the Libertarians (I've obviously been corrupted by Peter Cresswell and Liberty Scott!) followed by John McCain on 61% and Barack Obama on 41%!

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