Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is it in reality

But enjoy the competition and enjoy these entries too.

Remember, the only way for a National-led government under John Key is to Party Vote ACT or Party Vote National.

Anything else will help HER.

UPDATE: The Greens sent me this reply:

Sorry, the image you uploaded for the "Vote For Us" billboard did not get the go ahead. It wasn't considered suitable (this is an election after all!) Please try again with another image. If you want to discuss your submission, email


homepaddock said...

You've got it - I spotted the only Green billbaord I've seen in the Waitaki Electorate today and it's underneath a Labour one.

You'd think with 34,888 square kilometres to cover they could find somewhere a little further away if they wanted to pretend they're independent.

xurizaemon said...

have a look at the party bill voting numbers at and see if you can find anything more solid than crowded billboard placements to substantiate your claims, homepaddock.

looks to me like that table of voting data says otherwise