Friday, October 31, 2008

Think of a name

Can't wait to see whose names appear on this list. Perhaps, redundant Labour Cabinet Ministers with no chance of finding real work.

Cabinet minister Phil Goff, a former foreign minister, said a Labour-led government would look at assembling conflict resolution teams and giving the United Nations a list of New Zealanders who had the skills to be personal envoys.

We haven't heard much about Labour's planned budget in December lately. Maybe Cullen is thinking it wasn't such a smart move and is updating his CV.


thedavincimode said...

Well, Dover has already been despatched for services rendered in appropriate quarters. Give that man a lifetime of free Yum Chars.

So I guess that you just have to have Sue Bradford right at the top of the list don't you?

Then of course, there's Phil "I rediscovered my
Labour Roots/Rorts (whatever) one weekend after we got the arse" Goff himself.

Plenty of speculation about The Leader itself.

What is the author of ... zzzzzzz ... up to post election? Surely it has to involve lecturing
some poor bunch of suckers about how to create a 13th century society.

I don't know. You've certainly produced a toughy here.

PM of NZ said...

We can but hazard a guess at whose name may be on such as list. Certainly by all counts, there will be many suddenly redundant contenders.

Whilst on the subject of back scratching lists, I am sure that there is a long list on Mr New Zealand's desk for gongs for services rendered and Other Buggers' Efforts to be delivered in the New Year.