Thursday, October 30, 2008

Suck on this Jeanette

She knows her days are numbered.Their little green fantasy island is sinking by the hour. She made her bed with Labour and now she can lie in it. Three years of irrelevance in opposition should be enough to see the melons well and truly below 5%.


coge said...

Yes. Vote Green, get Labour. The Greens have still not got their head around MMP it seems.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Which end?

Anonymous said...

Give the Patheic Old Bag a Break, she shows what a Passionate Greenie she is every time she Opens her Bloody Mouth to spout
some more shit. You can see how she has even Dyed her teeth Green.
Obviously while Trying to Save Water while having her 6 Litre Shower once a year.

Anonymous said...

The Greens Always the bridesmaid never the bride and never ever will be the bride\

Old maids all


Psycho Milt said...

Yeah, hitting 11% in the polls must be driving them to despair. Jeanette'll be contemplating suicide at such dire failure, I'm sure.

Lou Taylor said...

Milt, they will come in well less than 10% this time and be irrelevent by 2011. Like many small parties the extreme elements will eventually be the downfall. If Rod Donald was still around I would give them a fighting chance but Norman hasn't got it.