Friday, October 31, 2008

Subliminal Messages

It is instructive to examine the subliminal messages sent out to undecided voters by the Labour and National party leaders when they released their respective emergency redundancy relief packages. I think they throw into stark relief, the real attitudes of Labour versus National. A veritable microcosm. So much for the idiots from the far right who insultingly bleat about National being 'Labour Lite.'

Labour appears:-

Mean - excluding a large number of battling Kiwis from their scheme.

Grudging - if National had not pre-announced its scheme, does anybody seriously believe Labour would have? No of course not. Remember, no policy until after the election.

Out of touch - only people completely out of touch with the reality of life in mortgage alley could exclude a single income family with kids or someone in work for four years and eleven months from receiving assistance.

Profligate - the failure to means test emergency assistance is a remarkable lapse of plain common sense. That's MY money they are throwing around. They haven't learned how to stop spending.

National appears:-

Compassionate, generous and inclusive - reaching out to the widest range of Kiwi battlers.

Innovative and keen - this is new thinking, reflecting an ability to come up with genuine ways to solve new problems.

Right in touch - seen to identify with ordinary NZers. Instantly aware of the pressures facing mortgage belt battlers.

Fiscally prudent - carefully costed and targetted at only those with a real need.


Cicero said...

One message that Labour has going around is putting some off from voting for the Nats and that is the one about Labour having more experience in handling the economy than National. Of course it's bollocks but I know undecided voters that cannot convince themselves to vote Labour out even though they don't like the current govt.

Anonymous said...

Adolf, has National ever made a mistake?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, I think the last one was back in '45. We'll probably err again before 2050.

Cicero said...
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Cicero said...

Clark, Peters and Mike Williams have been making all the gaffes this week.

Sus said...

The Nats & Labour are poles apart? Now that's just funny!

WFF: We'll do that, too!
GST: "A fair tax"; JK, '05.
ETS: We've gone one!
RMA: It's fundamentally sound .. just needs a bit of tweaking!
Kiwisaver: Yes, please!
Anti-smacking bill: Count us in!
Interest-free loans to students: Oh, go on then!

And so on. Any sign that they'd do away with PPL or the anti-smoking ban that saw property rights given a good kicking? Any sign that compliance costs would be reduced? *Any* reduction to Clark's bloated bureaucracy? Anything?! Not from where I'm standing, more's the pity.

BTW, what "far right"? There's 19 parties in this election. 18 of them are socialist! :)