Friday, October 24, 2008

Stop Press. Clark Diagnosed Altzheimers

Have you seen that fantastic picture of Shifty which has been doing the rounds? You know, the one where she's dressed in white and the shot was taken after she had sucked a lemon or seen the Roy Morgan poll or something.


I've seen hundreds of people like this in rest homes.

They sit around for hours, rocking back and forth, looking morose and suddenly for about ten seconds, there's a beaming smile as they imagine there is a photo opportunity, or a television camera close by.

I wonder whether any of the current front bench will ever visit her?

They'll sip their lattes and chardonnay and tell each other how sad it is. 'She's just not what she used to be. Funny, you know, I thought she was starting to lose her marbles in 2007. You know?'


ISeeRed said...

For fuck's sake, using that pic four times in 24 hours is overkill. ButI suppose it fits the "Bilious Bitch" meme nicely. Posting unflattering pics of political figures is always the cheapest of cheap shots. It's no different to all the lefties who post pics of Bush in mid-blink or something and think it's just hysterical.

pdm said...

Everytime I see that phot I think:

`thank goodness they got her on a good day!!!'.

Cicero said...

re the sour pic of clark, there is another from the same shoot (the second one) in which it looks like someone has let go a fart going by her facial expression!

Cicero said...

oops forgot the url to the other pic of helen:

KG said...

Perhaps it's just the most accurate pic available, iseered?

Anonymous said...

Umm, Natalie Slade won't be on Helens Xmas card list this year.

I'm surprised the press secretary hasn't demanded they be removed.

LaFemme said...

I'm as anti labour as the best right winger, but this is just unkind, and unnecessary.
Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

unkind, and unnecessary.

Unkind? Compared to what, precisely?

what she's done to NZ in the last 10 years?

When NZ is free of her, and her labour and union mates: when the press is free to use whatever pictures they want - not what the socialist state insists on - then this is the only picture we'll ever see of helen

and as for unnecessary- absolutely not!

KG said...

"unkind and unnecessary"?
So the airbrushed propaganda pic is kind and necessary then?

Not half as unkind as some of us would like to be to the rancid crew busily pissing away NZ's reputation and democratic conventions.

Psycho Milt said...

It's nice to know that posting unflattering pictures of Clark is the best the right's got. Maybe I won't feel too bad if she gets back in after all.

LaFemme said...

To my detractors, the post suggests that dementia can be devined by looking at that awful pic. BS. That's just school boy toilet humour.
Now,I think it's fair play to use the real Helen next to the airbrushed Helen to ask the political question "Can someone partaking in such a blatent attempt to decieve be trusted?" That's fair, but the mean-spirited stuff just gives ammo to the other side. So please take advice from an "older" person and don't stoop to the other side's level.