Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some homophobic bigotry at No Minister

I had to laugh yesterday when I read that Little Britain 'promotes hatred.'
Among the hatred is homophobia, even though one of the show's two main stars, Matt Lucas, is gay himself.
Lucas is famous for playing Daffyd Thomas, "the only gay in the village,” who constantly outs himself in a tiny Welsh village, only to be only to be disappointed at meeting acceptance, indifference to his sexuality, and more gays than he imagined or wanted.

It mocks the stereotype of a raging queen, and professional victim, but the laughter it invites comes not from a hatred of gays, but a (hopeful) recognition that our villages most certainly have more than one gay and there’s no need to play the lonely martyr," writes Andrew Bolt.
"The comedy wouldn’t work if Daffyd’s sexuality was treated with hatred and derision. The fun is in recognising that Daffyd is out of time, protesting against a bigotry he can no longer find, but needs to hide his own shyness and naivity. And in laughing at him, we congratulate ourselves for our tolerance of - or, much better, affection for - the only gay in the village.
That’s why Daffyd is not just a loved cultural icon in Britain, but a hero in Australia.

Indeed, as a blog sometimes derided for its wingnuttery, No Minister is to feature some more Little Britain bigotry here , here, here, and here.

Apparantly, though, some feathers were ruffled in the USA, with a West Hollywood gay group also offended at such 'homophobia.'

So what can we say about this 'offensive' story from the Onion News Network about the first openly gay race horse competing this weekend. I wonder if he knows Winston?

First Openly Gay Racehorse To Compete Sunday

Hat tip: Andrew Bolt, Onion News Network

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Colonel said...

Reminds me of the gay parade in The Simpsons...

Chanting marchers: "We're here! We're queer! Get used to it!"

Lisa Simpson: "You're here every year. We ARE used to it."