Friday, October 10, 2008

Roy Morgan poll

Being someone who is intimately well connected to the CEO of the VRWC I can advise that ACT is at 3.5% in the latest Roy Morgan poll due out tonight.

Seven per cent is on the cards.

I don’t know about the rest; we’ll all have to wait a few hours for that.


Inventory2 said...

Apparently National is down to 40.5% and the left wins - sheeeeee-itttt!!!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

That's not a bad Friday afternoon present for an ACT man.

KG said...

Brilliant! A coalition government of ACT and National would be a huge step in the right (?) direction. :-)

Anonymous said...

There's not much point celebrating 3.5% if what IV2 says is true.

The only way to make sure we get rid of this government is for all of the Actoids to hold their noses and party vote National.

Anything else will guarantee the return of the left.

Anonymous said...

Here it is.

This would return Helen to power. No doubts about it.

Cicero said...

That means according the last two polls that the Nats are losing votes to the Greens????

It has to be said the poll doesn't take into account the PREFU and Nationals tax cuts.

Morgan's last poll showed different results to the other polling companies.

Anonymous said...

This 'Actoid' has never voted National and never will.

They're spineless gimps.

pdm said...

These figures are totally contrary to Jumungo. OK it's only a game but with over 13000 participants it should cover a good cross section of the community.

For now I will stick with them.

JamesP said...

Actually it would be better if all the National supporters split voted ACT on the party vote to create the mother of all overhangs.

Obviously a large direct National to Green support transition isn't ideologically credible. So for this poll to be true National is losing support to Labour and Labour is losing support at about the same rate to the Greens.

I don't really buy it. What has happened recently to cause these transitions? Roy Morgan reckons it's John Key's Transrail shares. Um whatever. Have you heard anyone talking about them recently? That little beat up has been rather overtaken by events.

Falafulu Fisi said...

Yeah, good on Rodney and ACT.

Madeleine said...

If the "ACToids hold their noses and party vote National" we are not going to get a change of any significance.

Without ACT National remains stuck in the positions of being labour lite. National need ACT to play the 'bad guy' so they can step over to the right and say it wasn't their fault.

ISeeRed said...

I keep fearing National will look at some jump in the polls and think it'll be able to govern alone and not need a minor coalition partner anymore, and start denigrating, marginalising or ignoring ACT. That cost the country in the last election a centre-right government that could've delivered three years of tax cuts and curbed the blowout in government spending that's such an anvil around our necks now.

MMP means no one party can ever govern alone. Why don't so many people, including some National party stragetists who are paid to know better, get this? I like the idea of teaming up with ACT to make it the fall guy and scapegoat. As an ACToid, I say, "Bring it on!" I'd be in rapture for ACT to get blamed for slashing government bloat and taxes if that's what it took to keep the country afloat.

The Silent Majority said...

"The only way to make sure we get rid of this government is for all of the Actoids to hold their noses and party vote National.'

No. What matters is the total ACT + National vote.