Thursday, October 30, 2008

Premature Ejaculation

In a media master stroke, The Herald ensured the antics of Labour's crazed party leadership and their hounding of John Key received maximum publicity - all of it adverse. The build up up yesterday was intense but last night the bomb exploded - right in their gormless faces.

John Key. Photo / Sarah Ivey

Thanks to the umpire Charles Sturt who loudly shouted 'no ball' and to some immaculate stroke play from John Key who effortlessly knocked their amateurish googly over the ropes for six. He handled it superbly and as a result had added immeasurably to his mana and kudos.

Meanwhile the haggard harridan lied through her snaggled teeth again. "I had nothing to do with this." Come on Helen, are you or are you not the party's Chief Strategist? Nobody believes you were not right in there at the helm, pushing your party's only policy thus far released. You know the one? Your 'Get John Key' no matter what it takes policy.

What a hopeless pack of incompetent dunderheads. They can't even organize a decent smear campaign and they want to run the country? The same country they've already run into the ground?


chicken little said...

It sort of worked for them - perusing the Herald and Stuff there is basically no mention of Winston and Helen bullshitting over the OG donation.

Funny the timing of this stuff isn't it?

Anonymous said...

This most important thing here is the actions of the Serious Fraud Office clearing John Key.

the SFO is the one organization hardworking taxpaying Kiwis can trust!

It seems the police, judges, and basically everyone else is under Labour's thumb - except the SFO!

All this goes to show is how absolutely important it is that we have a truly independent, investigative, anti-corruption commission as soon as possible after the election. They've dealt with fraudster, they've started to deal with gangs, they can take on corrupt politicians too!

* it must be built on the existing SFO

* it must have the power to appoint its own staff - including successor leadership - politicians should have nothing to do with it

* it must be able to operate totally independently from the politically controlled police and politically-appointed judiciary

* to be an truly independent body it must have all the powers of the existing SFO (to compel evidence), the police (including rights of arrest and the use of arms) and a judicial/parliamentary royal commission (including findings of contempt of parliament)

* its jurisdiction should include the SFO's existing mandate of financial fraud (of which there isn't really very much left in NZ);

* it must include corrupt and intimidatory or terrorist organisations (gangs). Labour is actually right about this - but very very wrong about moving the SFO into the policy (where it will be under political control)

* and of course it must deal with political corruption, including electoral matters


How would this make things different?

* the entire investigation of Winston would have been done by the Anti Corruption Commission. Winston would be in jail, along with Henry. The NZF party would have been banned and its assets seized

* the Urewera terrorists would have been dealt with directly as a criminal gang - and their greenie supporters likewise.

* The Labour party and the Unions would have been closed down and banned.

Anonymous said...

From the Herald -
Labour minister and campaign strategist Pete Hodgson was more forthcoming: "Either [the Herald] have been misled or the Serious Fraud Office has been misled - I don't know. If the SFO has been willingly misled, issues of perjury arise, but I'm a veterinarian, not a lawyer."

A simply appalling and dishonest beat up.

Anonymous said...

And using taxpayer money as Williams was accompanied by Wellington based Labour Party "researchers".


Alan said...

The trash filled labour party are
intent on playing the man and not the ball. People do not like this
and it will hurt them at the ballot
box. My sister, a long term labour
party person is horrified at their
antics and for the first time will
not have a bar of them this election. The incumbent labour
party will go down as one of the
worst goverments to ever grace

Anonymous said...

If these knuckledragging fools think that they are going to treat you like shite, you need to become an asshole.


And to think the left poke the fun at Ian Wishart.
At least Ian's stories have truth in them.
Now what is the latest with Shane Jones and that little scandal?

chicken little said...

Oh, and I love the way I can read this post AND also find out that my premature ejaculation problems are my fathers? fault :)

I love the interwebs.


Great to see how Dear Leader once more lied over the issue.
This really is an election abou trust.
Trust her to be caught out yet again.

Anonymous said...

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