Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mead's boot

As the truth about Peters dealings with Glenn Owen surfaces, the most disappointing aspect to me is Helen Clark's response

Prime Minister Helen Clark said there was "no issue" because no appointment had been made.

"No issue" pretty much scrapes the bottom of the barrel as far as excuses go.
Mind you, she did write the book on "move on, nothing to see here"

It is also an insult to a great NZer that Peters drags Colin Mead's boots into the argument.
There would be more integrity in Mead's sprig than the whole of the Clark's motley coalition.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm wondering if Mr Glenn has a small tactical nuke ready to drop early next week.

Proof of Clark's involvement in the whole sordid affair right from the start?

Don't be surprised. Hell hath no fury as a transport magnate prized from his wealth by false pretenses.

Spam said...

I wonder whether Duncan Garner will have another leaked tape tonight.

They probably wanted to release it at a more politically damaging time, but right now there is a greater need a weapon of mass distraction.