Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Liarbour fails on hospital productivity

Liarbour has doubled the spending on health but has nothing to show for it.
Productivity has slumped according to a new report.
The study, by analyst Mani Maniparathy, shows the inflation-adjusted cost for each operation, consultation and other "outputs" declined by around 8 per cent in Labour's first two years. It then rose by 12 per cent - or 18 per cent if outpatients and several other patient groupings are included.
Well, we all know how useless Liarbour is at spending our money.
They stuffed it up in the good times.
Can we trust them in the bad?

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OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Productivity is a dirty word to Labour/Greens.

It's all about what your tax dollar can do for their people/voters.