Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Labour Lies Again

Even the Advertising Standards Authority can no longer stomach the crap that Labour is dishing up on its TV adverts.

Trust Labour, to distort, to dissemble, to misrepresent, to flat out lie. For them the test is not 'is it the truth" but rather 'will we be caught out?"

Lately Shifty and Fiscal Fool are being caught out flat lying, more often than not.


adamsmith1922 said...

Good point Adolf, but will the media point this out to the voters

Clark is continually caught out, yet the media do not point up the hypocrisy of her campaigning on the basis of trust

It is appalling

adamsmith1922 said...

Wrong link, here is right one

pdm said...

think it is because they are floundering and have lost their soles!!! lol.

ZenTiger said...

Not to mention how fishy this all is.