Friday, October 31, 2008

Is Liarbour hiding both her faces?

I've just driven up from Auckland to Barnsley Towers just outside Kerkeri.
The sun is shining, the banana palms are blowing in the breeze, and the tuis are twittering.
The swimming pool looks like it might be worth a use later.
Anyway, along the way I saw dozens and dozens of election banners.
Most had a happy and smiling John Boy. Quite a few had Rodney looking somewhat cheerful.
In Whangarei there were hoardings of Hone Harawira, and even Jim Anderton and Philip Field.
But I only saw one of Uncle Helen by a high school. Is she the face that dare not be shown? Is Liarbour now ashamed of its blessed Dear Leader?
What Liarbour hoardings there were just featured names of various candidates,plus Kiwirail, Kiwisaver, etc.
Now, I have just heard that Uncle Helen's face has now been removed from the telly ads.
Both of them!


Rakaia George said...

They've been trying to work the "use the biggest asset as the biggest weakness" ploy against National, when all along...karma baby, you gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

Almost every Liarbour billboard I have seen has been smashed to pieces and laying on the ground. I think there might be a message in that somewhere.

Mrs Danvers