Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In an election about trust, Glenngate confirms the lies, corruption and hypocracy of the Liarbour First Axis

In an election about trust, doesn't the Glenngate affair highlight the corruption and hypocrisy at lies at he heart of Helegrad and Winston First?
It's so bad, even TVOne is noticing.
Leading the lunchtime news was Owen Glenn hitting out at Uncle Helen.
She knew about what was going on, Glenn said, and she displayed disloyalty (see the 2min 12 sec video at the side).
Their story quoted Glenn's interview on Newtalk ZB with Paul Holmes this morning, but Glenn's interview with state-owned National Radio was little better for Liarbour.
"She was aware of it all," Glenn said.
And commenting how people like Mike Williams talk, he commented:
"These people are very careful with what they say. Mike Williams says something like 'there is no objection from the Labour party'.. but it's upto the Foreign Minister. The couch it in different terminology , they lik to preserve thisdefensive barrier around the PM."
So, there we have it. Dear Leader knew all along and people lie/mislead to protect her.
Now, this seems to have escaped much of the coverage of the story this afternoon but there is certainly much to show the dishonesty of Winston Peters, Helen Clark and the Liarbour First Axis.
The Dominion Post notes how the release of those official papers yesterday certainly contradicts with what Winston Peters has been saying.
Dear Leader, meanwhile, is happy to run a government with Winston Peters. Her lust for power puts principle first, so unlike John Key who has rejected Peters from a National-led government. Indeed, John Amstrong notes the story is a worry for Peters, a headache for Helen Clark and a vindication for John Key.
Audrey Young , whose integrity was questioned by Peters, blogging this afternoon seems scathing of both, particulalrly Peters.
And while the focus is so obviously Peters, we need to recall her lies and misrepresentations too.
As Uncle Helen says, this election is about trust and having being Liarbour's sugar daddy, Owen Glenn knows at great cost to himself that Liarbour, Clark and Peters are not to be trusted.


Socrates said...

But they have drop the bomb...

[I don't see why it is the bomb, but hay if it's at a similar level to Wisharts scandals so should get the smae amount of traction, except the Herald seems to have bought it hook, line and sinker]

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like a firecracker fizzer, not a neutron bomb.

The question now is how they will spin it out to make some mud stick until the 8th. Perhaps they have lit the fuse earlier than planned as smoke for the Peters and immigration issues, and it won't last long enough.

They had better be sure of their facts, though. Could be very costly in a court of law for anyone who makes or repeats a false accusation on such a serious matter where people have actually gone into clink.