Monday, October 27, 2008

How are the hydra heads doing?

Well, not much of the debate left now.
But aren't the Greens just so bonkers.
Jeanette truly knows nothing about economics.
It was always Tariana that was the worry but she is positively sane by comparison.
Rodney is the best so far and despite being in a minority , he's doing well.
Peter Dunne seems sensible too.
So what does everybody think?
How are the hydra heads faring?
But lackin the drama of the Key-Clark head to head, will it make any difference to the polls?


homepaddock said...

If the election hinges on this, then heaven help us.

It was a bit of a yawn. The best moment was a shot of Peters looking as if he wanted to throw up when Jeanette said she'd find it difficult to work with him.


Yes, it wasn't an inspiring debate.
But Mark Sainsbury seems in better control tonight.
Either way, it all confirms it was right of Uncle Helen to persuade John Boy to have a debate with just the two of them.
I don't forsee much impact on the polls, but hopefully the voters will see how truly bonkers the Greens really are.

Cicero said...

Rodney: Gave a solid performance and did himself no harm

Dunney: Sat on the fence as usual but came across as balanced and sane

Jim: Came across as a real prick, esp when asked about tonight's Colmar-Brunton poll. No wonder he's stuck on 0.1%

Winston: Average, spent too much time posing as usual.

Tariana: Possibly the winner, can be sensible when she wants to be.

Jeanette: Economic knowledge is zilch, don't want her and her luney party within a 100 miles of power thank you.

hazza said...

Rodney Reasoned and Impressive
Dunne Solid Mr Commonsense
Anderton Petulant and Bossy
Winston What side is he on?
Tariana Reasonable and Passionate
Jeanette Flaky and Untrustworth

Stupidest Journalist in red
Sainsbury Generally good questions

Adam said...

After watching bits of the debate I have come to the conclusion that Peter Dunne has a magnificent head of hair. Apart from that it was a bit of a yawn.

Anonymous said...

Loved Rodney, he won. Overall a bore, Sainsbury in a red tie, once again. National just have to het over the line, so important, we'll never be rid of MMP otherwise.

Observer said...

Let me just say
You see the point is
What you need to understand is
The real facts are
In reality there is
W.Peters '08

The most amazing thing to me was the result of the 'audience poll'. It would seem that about $20,000 was spent by unsuspecting voters, who reached the conclusion, by 75% - 25% (after a bit of graphics repair by TVONE) the MMP shuld go.

If that is not a topic for significant discussion, I wonder what is!