Friday, October 31, 2008

Funniest Comment For Years

From Farrar's place:-


  1. damocles (69) Vote: Add rating 20 Subtract rating 0 Says:

    THIS JUST IN: The Labour Party Research Unit, working in combination with the full might of Statistics Department and the Investigation Division of the Accident Compensation Commission, has after extensive research concluded that a ‘Johnkey’ waxed that particular floor 32 years ago, during a Work Experience Programme.

    Clearly, a terrorist conspiracy was set in place many years ago that the Prime Minister, thanks to unwavering personal dedication, has narrowly managed to avoid.

    Journalists are now being flown to the scene to examine the work roster that has been kept under tight security for the last three decades. Our extensive 12-page report follows in tomorrow’s Weekend Herald.


hazza said...

Did she fall or was she pushed
That guy in the fluoro jacket perhaps?

coge said...

Certainly a grassy knoll moment. Has Williams emerged from his home detention yet?