Sunday, October 26, 2008

The First Spouse's Club

We're less than 2 weeks before the election and the Sunday papers seem dominated by fluff, rather than hard political news and analysis.
So top of the bill looks to be the profiles of the spouses of the two main party leaders.
I must confess Helen's hubby Peter Davis comes across almost as a national treasure, a somewhat comical figure, with a refreshing honesty you don't see from his missus.
We discuss his marriage. He says he is sentimental, rather than romantic. He loves his wife. "The best thing I can do is make Helen a pot of tea in bed," he laughs. "Mind you, I enjoy a pot of tea myself."
However, the PM is a romantic. "But she has to switch off from work and it's a hard thing to do. Frankly, we have our special time together when we go on holiday. I mean, week by week, there is always something coming up."
So cup of tea in bed is the best thing Peter can give Helen! Anyone would think it was Boy George talking, who famously said he preferred tea to sex!
The pair don't shower together, they live frugally (a complete contrast to their government, eh!) , and after discussing a rude ad in the profile, the issue of sex comes up once more.
This leads to an inevitable question - does he like sex?
"Arr ... err ... hello, that guy took interest in what you just said," says Davis, referring to another pedestrian.
Well, do you like sex? He mumbles for a moment. "Well that is a personal part of my life ... and I don't want to talk about that."
Mmmmmm, has he been too honest here? It seems one of those neutral statements to fuel further gossip.
Meanwhile, the Sunday Star-Times profiles Bronagh Key . It looks like she turned the paper down for an interview, with the profile rehashing clippings from other articles.
Well, you can't blame Naional not wanting to help the Star-Times, but hopefully after nine years as First Lady, I hope Bronagh will be more open with the media. For if you don't help the hacks, they will cobble something together anyway! The wise and open Peter sees to understand.


Psycho Milt said...

So. does Bronagh like sex? With John Key, I mean. Does she swallow? Take it up the arse? What's she trying to hide? This refusal to come across will only fuel further gossip...

Anonymous said...

Helen's comments about them totting up and splitting household expenses etc made it sound like a flatting situation rather than a spousal one. Nice home though, Peter is thoroughly lovely.

mawm said...

PM -I doubt that she takes it up the pooper - but we know Peter does - esp in LA.

Psycho Milt said...

Your obsession with anal sex with Peter Davis is between you and your therapist, mawm. Far be it from me to comment. However, I must point out that these sideshows are distracting us from the real issue: is it true that Bronagh Key does it with dogs?