Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eugene Who?

Adolf thinks voters won't be much interested in the Labour Party's latest desperate and pathetic attack on John Key. Voters would have been more interested in what Labour plans to do to salvage NZers' economic prosperity. But Labour doesn't want to talk about that - it's just too embarrassing.

I'd like to know whether parliamentary services paid for Williams' dirt digging trip to Melbourne or was he on another of hus 'overseas fund raising trips, selling Kiwi indulgences to foreigners?


Anonymous said...

from the Herald files:
The former boss of the Serious Fraud Office has supported John Key's claims that he was clear of any involvement in the 1980s Equiticorp H-Fee scandal, saying to hint otherwise was purely "mischief making".

Charles Sturt, the former SFO director who investigated the Equiticorp deals and took them to prosecution for fraud, yesterday confirmed Key's account of his interview with the Serious Fraud Office.

Mr Key was questioned during fraud investigations into the H-Fee - two sham foreign exchange deals by Elders IXL in 1988 to pay A$66.5 million ($76.6 million) after the purchase of NZ Steel from Equiticorp. Mr Key had left his job with Elders some months before the deal and says he had no knowledge of it.

Mr Sturt said Mr Key was simply one in a "vast array of innocent people, potential witnesses, in a massive fact-gathering exercise. I feel compelled to fully support the reported comments of John Key in relation to the H-Fee transaction. It should not need to be said that John Key was completely innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever. For any politician to hint or suggest otherwise would be absolutely rubbish and pure mischief-making".

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Has anyone got a picture of Clark spitting on the troops returning from Vietnam?

Anonymous said...

The bilious bich - problem being that the NZ public are thick as two short planks and will fall for this smear - Key should come out all guns blazing and gut her and her party like the dogs they are. Sue them for defamation until they scream no more.

Anonimoose said...

Here's a topic idea:

If you were running for a high profile role as PM, what is in your back ground that could destroy you and your party?

For me, I was caught stealing milk tokens when I was 14!

Labour are desparate fools!

Cicero said...

Helen's Hydra has a terminal dose of KDS.

Anonymous said...

eugene bingham must need his head read. thought he was a better journo than that.


I recall Eugene from way back.
Who knows?
The story might be the anotomy of a smear, or something.
Now did I hear correctly that John Key was giving a media conference at 6-30pm?
I'm watching TV1 news and I'm sure that is what they said.

Redbaiter said...

Don Brash and the Brethren all over again- always trhe smear, never the substance- typical Bolshevik strategy. These people are just soviet scum, and so are the "journalists" who cheer for them.

pdm said...

If Helen was going to run hard with this story she should never have pissed off the Serious Fraud Squad people, past and present. Sturt is the first to come out of the woodwork in support of Key - no doubt there will be others.

Chalk up another dumb move Helen.

Psycho Milt said...

I guess we don't need to hear what they've got before deciding it's nothing, huh?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, never a truer word, old chap!