Monday, October 13, 2008

Cunliffe Caught telling The Truth

David Cunliffe has admitted that Labour's health policy is 'unworkable.' Apparently he thinks National's policy is no different from Labour's policy. When Labour implements it, it is workable. When National implements it, it is unworkable.

Minister of Health David Cunliffe said the National plan was an “unworkable imitation of current Labour Party policy” and questioned where National would find the additional medical staff given the shortages.

Ad DPF quite rightly points out, Labour would rather have sixteen people die waiting for heart surgery than allow private health providers to carry out the surgery.

Clark's killer government strikes again. The body bags are all in the Beehive, Helen.


pdm said...

It is a pity Cunliffe couldn't bring himself to tell the truth about his pre meditated sacking of the HBDHB.

hazza said...

no need to send troops to Iraq Ms Clark when you are killing New Zealanders at home.

Psycho Milt said...

I shall be interested to see how Mr Key magically prevents people from dying of heart attacks while waiting for surgery once he becomes PM. Such powerful voodoo has proved to be beyond previous National administrations...

Rest assured though, should his voodoo not work, I shall be trawling back through all these posts holding the govt responsible for heart attack deaths, and re-publishing them with Key's name in place of Clark's.

Sus said...

The problem is with the state itself, not whomever's in control.

The state can't run health, education, welfare, railways or airlines efficiently.

Do you want to go back to waiting weeks for the PO to instal your phone? Well, why trust the same sods with something as important as your health?

The thought of my physical fate in the political hands of a damn bureaucrat is not pleasant. The real dilemma is why anyone thinks state healthcare will ever work, when faced with decades of proof that it doesn't.