Thursday, October 30, 2008

6 years early?

Being a Christian family, we still receive the occasional email from the Kiwi Party asking for our party vote.
Whilst I have no doubts about the sincerity and integrity of the people involved, this is not your time.
In a truly Catch 22 situation, 50% of any party vote for you is a vote directly for Labour. Sorry guys but that isn't going to happen in my house.
Get National back in with ACT this time and come knocking in 2014, by which time Labour will be well and truly buried. Assuming MMP and you survive.
Otherwise get some bright, young Christians involved in the grassroots of the major parties. There will be rich pickings as young voters flee the Green party.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You're absolutely right Lou.

Sus said...

Hi Lou:

" .. by which time Labour will be well & truly buried, assuming MMP survives."

and "rich pickings as young voters flee the Green party."

While the thought of both is delicious, I'm not sure I follow those two comments. Mind explaining?

Sus said...

Whoops, exclude "MMP surviving" from those delicious thoughts! :)

Lou Taylor said...

Hi Sus
Young people have flocked to the Greens as in a generation of instant gratification it is a cool thing to do. But as the world gets a bit tougher i have faith that this generation will realise that while sustainability is vital, the Greens ultimate solutions come at a very high only have to go to something like the large Christian music festival, whose name escapes me at the moment, to see real hope.
As for Labour being buried, that is partially wishful thinking and a mighty challenge to all decent people in NZ.Good old fashioned human values like compassion and charity are far better alternatives to welfarism.

Anonymous said...

As for Labour being buried, that is partially wishful thinking and a mighty challenge to all decent people in NZ

No! it is a simple test of John Key's mettle.

Once he has even 51% of the seats in parliament, he can wipe out the Labour party forever. Labour didn't have any referendums when they changed the EFA, changed the ECA, changed the broadcasting act, introduced MMP and did everything they could to stop National getting back into government - even when National has 20% of the votes more than Labour, Labour is still arguing they should rule by divine right.

National should do whatever is necessary - as soon as it reaches government - to ensure that a Labour or Greens government is no longer possible.

An anti-corruption commission with the power to jail politicians and disband corrupt parties would wipe out Labour, and fixing the ERA to make unions illegal will ensure they can never rise again.

By I would not be adverse to more direct measures: neither should Key or anyone else!

Sus said...

Cheers, Lou. No argument from me re your last sentence in particular. I'm a libertarian! :)

I'd like to think older kids would eventually come around as to the absurdities (not to mention downright totalitarianism) of Green philosophy, but it's a big call given that the public education system has accommodated a thick green border on its red flag. And that border's growing all the time.

Just another reason to liberate education from the clutches of the state as a matter of urgency ..