Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wishart beats King over Dunedin police corruption

Ian Wishart is a happy boy today.
It looks as if he has been vindicated over his tales of corruption within the Dunedin police.
Significantly, Police Minister Annette King set to smear former cop Wayne Idour, as well as Investigate.
Now, Wishart claims the report has vindicates him and his magazine.
Naturally, he calls for the heads of King, as well as Police Commissioner Howard Broad, as well as a Royal Commission into the activities of the force.
The Otago Daily Times covers the story and links to the official report.
The police, blandly, says it is reviewing processes regarding conflicts of interest.
TV3 looks set to lead on the story.
So why has the government/police released the story today?
Is it to draw attention from a TV3 Poll.
Well, if the trailer for 3 News I have just seen is anything to go by, it looks like there is no TNS poll today, even though one seems overdue.
And what can we say about how King has handled the police over the case.
Will there be others joining Wishart in saying to King 'on yer bike'.
Let us hope so.
And how will the government spin their way out of this one?


Anonymous said...

What is it with u guys and corruption?

As soon as anything a little dodgy happens in government circles it's all corrupt and everyone should be fired and spitroasted.

Have u got no other ideas apart from this liarbour governmetn is corrupt? I guess by repeating something enough times it might become true.

Psycho Milt said...

In this case, "corruption" is the appropriate word. Wishart and Fairfacts do their usual routine of trying to pretend it's something to do with the Labour Party, but if we ignore that usual bullshit, the fact remains: a judge has found serious corruption in the Dunedin Police.

That the corruption exists is not the worst part. The worst part is that the Police response is to say "processes will be reviewed." With a response like that, is it any surprise at all that there's corruption in the Police? Why wouldn't there be - after all, they don't seem to give a shit about it when it's discovered.

Barnsley Bill said...

or, we could all be thoroughly sick of the corruption.
Or perhaps a little bit of graft and lying by our elected representatives and police is okay with you anonymong.
Might I refer you to the peelian principles. A set of rules our police force should be modelled on.
There is as you call it "a little dodgy" and then there is the born to rule motherfuckers who are treating our country like their own personal fiefdom with us as serfs.
Fuck them and all who vote for them.

Oswald Bastable said...

What BB said!

KG said...


investigate said...

Actually Milt, I was prepared to give Labour some wriggle room, but they moved as fast as they could to shut down any move for a Royal Com of Inq into the police...and thus became part of the problem.

You are correct. It is corruption. The only alternative reading is that the entire South Island police force are so incompetent that they're not fit for the job...and that all these failures were just unhappy coincidences with no link to each other.