Monday, September 22, 2008

Winston Peters, you lying toad!

So the Priviledges Committee has delivered its verdict.
Winston Peters is to be censured.
While that might sound like being slapped on the wrist with a wet bus ticket, its symbolism is significant.
It means the MPs thought he lied.
It means Dear Leader has made the misjudgement of believing in her Captain Baubles and sticking with him through thick and thin.
Just what does he have on her?
And no wonder we had the smokescreen, fresh from the Liarbour research unit about John Key's share trading tonight. It was a tailor made diversion for the media to lap and TV1 did, like another faithful poodle.
Now, we can only wonder about the seriousness of the SFO allegations.
We have seen Liarbour deliver a smokescreen for the media tonight.
We have seen Dear Leader undermine the privililedges committee with her talk of a 'tainted' inquiry.
We have seen Cullen's reluctance to give confidence in the SFO.
We see a Liarbour First regime undermining legal process whenever it can, a government acting above the law.
I can only guess that it doesn't look good for Captain Baubles, or his misstress, Dear Leader.
What will the other scandals reveal?

UPDATE: Barnsley Bill covers the verdict here.
UPDATE 2: Keeping Stock comments here.
UPDATE3: David Farrar is to read the 280 page report but notes some dilemmas for Peters and Clark in this detailed and excellent post.
Update4: Roar Prawn notes ACT MPs wanted Winnie suspended, while Whale Oil also recalls how Liarbour tried to nobble the process.
UPDATE5: Matthew Hooton notes only the Axis Mps backed Peters.


Barnsley Bill said...

Th word censure is clearly a compromise and I believe there has to be a vote in the house for this to become actual.
What the hell has Peters got over Clark?
She would rather suffer ignominious defeat than have him spill the beans.
The torment for somebody who is already displaying signs of mental illness must be enormous.
Oh, and thanks for the mention. WhaleOil has some PDF's up at his place for those of you that are bandwidth or data cap poor.


Indeed BB.
With ACT wantinf suspension it is obvious there was a compromise and a decision based more on politics than reality.
It certainly seems the system has been twisted as much as Liabour could get away with in Winnie's favour.
Fortunately not everyone can be bought.
I can only guess what the SFO has in store but I expect it won't be good.
And with each day, Dear Leader's complicity increases.


Where's PM on this thread.
And Adolf?

Zarchoff said...

Peters has dirt on Helen's wife, Peter Davis, after a rather delicate and embarrassing incident overseas. Or so rumour has it - but then who can you believe theses days? Certainly not Winston!

Anonymous said...

Zarchoff - someone's been very lax, boy!


Indeed, that is the rumour.
Will Winston spill the beans?
Certainly Clark's behaviour in wedding herself to Winston makes such allegations plausible.
But it measn her claims of wanting higher standards og government were just an armada of lies to fool the New Zealand public.
What we have seen is a Prime Minister losing all integrity she had in tagging along with a racist and liar to prop up her government.
She has also tried to discredit anyone, Rodney Hide especially, who have sought to bring justice to the issue of Peters and his lies concerning the donations.
Her attacks over the committee being tainted just confirm this.
Cullen's comments on the SFO add to the disregard Liarbour has to due process, despite her comments on wanting 'due process' to be done before judging Winnie.
Her 'tainted' comments highlight her own incompetence by showing how she set out to prejudge the committee.
She claims National and ACT MPs had already made their minds up before hearing the evidence but her comments show she had already done so herself. What hypocracy!
Indeed, the way Helen Elizabeth Clark has wedded herslef to her poodle and has smeared to protect him shows how the standards of governance in New Zealand have sunk under her premiership.
We are indeed on the way to becoming a corrupt banana republic, if we are not already there.
Thank's Helen!
That is what we will all remember you by!