Thursday, September 25, 2008

Winnie's dirt on Helen and the police corruption cover-up scandal

After seeing Winnie's entertaining performances on tv last night, it does make you wonder why Uncle Helen remains faithful to her poodle.
Now, the gossip around Wellington is that he does have some serious dirt on her.
Matthew Hooton now believes so and even Tumeke! can't explain her loyalty.
Whale Oil whose contacts in the political world are long and deep has been hearing some juicy tales.
Information has come to light from WOBH’s deep throat Beehive and Bowen House sources, that WOBH is clarifying, that indicates the dirt is indeed serious, involves a minister, police coverup and Police NHQ running interference.
If the information I have received today is correct then it involves a cover up of an investigation by the police into a serious allegation against a cabinet minister. And that Winston threatened to leak this information out unless Labour ensured that he did not get censured by the PC.
This explains why Labour tried to heavy the Maori Party. Now that Labour has failed all bets are off.
It also possibly explains the current unhappiness in the Labour camp that is leading to a vertible waterfall of other leaks arriving daily in WOBH’s inbox.
As for Liarbour's so-called Neutron Bomb, it may involve whoever Don Brash may or may not have been sleeping with! judging by an email Whale Oil also received.
Now, as I noted yesterday, Tumeke! says National has some story about Liarbour collusion with the police. Matthew Hooton is most concerned over the police not investigating the Don Brash stolen emails adequately, so maybe there is something there.
So yes, there is something big brewing in Wellington at the moment. And judging by the way things have been, it could well be several scandals, not just the one.
Remember Whale Oil's various riddles. There is the Boxing match still to be dealt with. Why hasn't Helen Clark answered Rodney Hides's questions on Winnie's Vegas trip?
It is all getting increadibly murky, increadibly dirty, and great fun.
TVNZ's Fran Mould might turn the other way, acting as the stooge of the Liarbour Research Unit and getting her facts wrong apparantly, but the stories to break look so big no-one will be able to ignore them!
UPDATE: Cactus has some interesting gossip on Peters.


Psycho Milt said...

Yes, there just has to be something brewing, because you keep speculating on it. Do you see the usual logical problem here, FFM?

Anonymous said...

Psycho Milt, swomething like Liabour attempting to pervert the
course of justice over the priveleges committee. Pita Sharples
is known for his honesty and this
one will not go away.

Anonymous said...

PM. i think you might be in denial.


Anonymous said...

The beauty of it is, the stories don't even have to break. Labour are destroying themselves anyway in trying to suppress them.

Heine said...

Oh there is something brewing alright... I can't wait for the usual channels to leak more out.

BushMaster said...

If its the story I heard on a west coast hunting trip earlier this year then it is true. O'Connor got his mates at the local copshop to keep it all quiet. Disgusting stuff.