Monday, September 1, 2008

Why Dear Leader wants to abolish the SFO

A few days ago, I met the guy behind the 'Corruption for Dummies' series, some of which recently was featured on Whale Oil.
As Winston Peters is enmeshed is a deep scampi scandal and the SFO probe, let us look at who would gain from abolishing the SFO- but Dear Leader and her Poodle.
The story is..

Why would a “government” use it’s remaining time in office to not hold a referendum which responds
to the voice of the nation (for Antismacking)...
when it instead uses tax-payers paid time disbanding the SFO?
It is very interesting that the priority business activity of Clark’s Liarbour is an urgent move to reduce the SFO to a function within the already Clark controlled Police!
This is very odd behaviour…..
surely you would be correct in thinking that there are
more pressing matters of concern for to the Nation….!
Not for Clark. This serves a stark example of the sole corrupt ethic needed to sustain this “Government”.
But why would they do that?
The answer is actually quite simple. Peters and Clark are likeminded folk. Both truth adverse as we know, yet both are totally reliant on each other for survival. Neither of these folk would be able to work again in the private sector. No one would touch them.
Clark has created a ‘delay’ to the SFO’s investigation in order to urgently push through this SFO abolishment Bill. No SFO, means no Peters investigation. Clark & Peters live on. Simple.
But, why would a Prime Minister of New Zealand be so hot on “urgently” abolishing the SFO?
This is startling stuff wouldn’t you agree?
Surely, any morally secure Prime Minister and Government would want to stamp out orruption not make it harder to investigate it?
...We would like to think so however, again, there is a very simple answer for another “Mugabe-esque” move by Clark.
….Corruption is mainstream and charecterising policy for Clark and this Government.
Serious fraud does occur. We have seem that however, needs to occur unquestioned in order
for this Government to function and survive.
With Peters under extremely hot scrutiny, with many proven skeletons in the Liarbour corruption closet and no doubt many others lurking around these are precarious times for Clark and her rabble.
Does Clark’s move to abolish the SFO in fact announce guilt? Absolutely!
Again...why would you want to make it harder to investigate corruption??
The move to create an “SFO” styled agency within already Clark-controlled Police, instead
of the standalone function, seems like a deft move to....
Clark knows the Police are totally under-resourced and, completely controlled by Level 9 politics. Any SFO cases that do not take the Clark fancy would be handled by a ’function’ within the Police and susceptible to the same investigation drains that under-resourcing suffers, distractions or “disappearing” acts ….. in and around the haze of other priority or as other
“police business” takes presidency (or Clark’s fancy).
Indeed investigating Politicians is tricky business and not seen as ‘not the done’ thing for your
Police career.
So what linking attributes suggests that Liarbour’s move to abolish the SFO is linked to future proofing Liarbour corrupt politics? We’ll that’s an easy one. We have seen already theft of tax payers money through Liarbour antics go unpunished time and time again. Indeed, this
government branded corruption as “OK” and future proofed itself with legislation to make
wrongs of the past right….they called this the EFA.
Questions are also being asked of Liarbour’s non declaration of income and expenditure
through Lairbour’s Party Properties Incorporated. This, despite Liarbour robbing the tax
payer of $800K using poor man claims appears to be a very nice little un-disclosed earner with an asset base of $6.2m.
There are many questions over this little “society” all of which seems to have that foul stench
of corruption wafting around it. What else is Liarbour hiding?
The summary point is though there have been many calls of late for an independent corruption commission yet, the only move by this Liarbour government is to meanderer the existence of any functioning body, such as the SFO, into obscurity.
This is so that the corruptive pollutants within Lairbour’s cancerous and corrosive system
can be allowed to run our country foul.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

FFM, this story died when Clark confirmed th3e SFO closure legislation is shelved. Dig it out again if she suddenly whips it though under urgency.


Adolf, you are right that the SFO inquiry blows a hole in some of what the story says.
But given the topicality of the SFO inquiry into Winston Peters, I thought it still had value in explaining how Dear Leader may bethinking.
Indeed, the SFO inquiry into Winston Peters highlights its value and justifies its existence.
Obviosly, what I should have done, is taken many of its points and written a totally new post , accounting for updated facts.
But the thrust of the piece still remains.

Anonymous said...

We don't need the SFO

we need a plenipotentiary anti-corruption commission.

and if we had such a commission, they would already be in jail.

Google WA Inc to see how such a commission works, and what they do to the Labour party!