Monday, September 15, 2008

Who's the 'clueless' one now?

I don't know anything about Rochelle Rees other than she is the neice of Lynn Prentice, which he admitted yesterday, and Rees is a 'former' Liarbour activist.
We can guess her motives, but what did the young Rees hope to achieve with her little stunt?
Oh, let's fiddle with Google so people can see John Key is'clueless' , she must have thought. As if many people would type into google and suddenly the realisation of the great truth that John Key is clueless and they would change their mind.
Forget the economy, the nannying state, Liarbour corruption, tax; some young chick who can play around with Google has changed my vote!
It all seems so very childish. Now, we have childish things on this blog, but we don't put out press releases saying 'look at me, look at me, aren't I clever at what I've done?'
While it might be easy to pull a fast one over a lazy or under-resourced media, didn't a supposedly tech-savvy computer programmer or whatever she is, realise that there is a blogsphere to check her creditentials, even by a simple use of Google itself. After all, the story concerned the use of Google and ironically it was Google that could easily expose Rees for who she really is.
And anyway, New Zealand is such a small community, especially the political community, that it was obvious someone would know her and she would be found out.
And this young chick has the cheek to say John Key is clueless!
Now, National has made an issue of the 'google bomb' as an example of Liarbour's dirty tricks, and kudos to the Herald for reporting it was bloggers that pointed out Rees's Liarbour links.
And indeed, in a campaign about trust, it is ironic that a Liarbour supporter has been less than honest with their affiliations.
But it all begs the question, if that is all the left can say about John Key, then the campaign looks set to be an easy one. I hear in my head the singer Fergie repeating the chorus 'Is that all there is, Is that all there is?"
UPDATE: Lynn Prentice of The Standard is a proud uncle.


Grant S said...

Speaking of Prentice, what irritates me most about him is the way he always has to waffle on with software jargon at the end of each comment - as if it's going to impress everyone.

Chemist Peter said...

A bit off track but a good one I thought of:

Whats the difference betweeh Helen Clark and Adolf Hitler?

At least Adolf Hitler signed his own paintings.

Anonymous said...

Rees is such a bimbo.
Her cheap abuse really backfired on the Liarbore Party.
It just highlighted what a bunch of liars Liarbore are.
Do they think we are fools so not to fall for those deviousness?


Anonymous said...

So who set up the bomb for Captain Baubles ?

It points to Winstons parliamentary page.

And is the 3rd choice on

ISeeRed said...

Every underhand tactic keeps backfiring. I just worry sooner or later they'll hit a bulls eye.

Redbaiter said...

Heard a "Rochelle" on the Leighton Smith show this morning. What an absolute knuckle dragging fuckwit. Had to be her. They've got the troops out calling talkback.

Anonymous said...

Type in Labour Scum.......

G said...

Just by the way, it was Peggy Lee who sang "Is that all there is", not Fergie ;-)


Cheers G
We were thinking of different songs.
Fergie sing those words in the lose to Shut Up by th Black Eyed Peas.
I will look for Peggy Lee though.


Here's your song G

Quite a nice one