Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who's Afraid of Sarah Palin?

The Left are?
Why else are they dishing the dirt in such a frenzy, even if the Daily Kos cleary got its facts wrong over the parentage of Palin's youngest child.
UK blogger Iain Dale notes the abuse of Palin from the left, claming they are 'desperate' to kill her.
Those who comment on Palin's 'lack of experience' should note Obama has none, and neither did Tony Blair or even Margaret Thatcher! who faced similar prejudice as a woman from humble origins in her rise to power.
Indeed, there are those who see Palin's humble origins as a strength, particularly as nearly half of Americans are from small towns.
Well, the CVs can be compared, both in written and video format.

For those wanting to know more, there is also the Sarah Palin Gallery, the Wall Street Journal recording Palin's reform cedentials ; and how for US Conservatives, The Times of London says she is the 'girl of their deams'.
Investor's Business Daily notes many Palin attributes that make her selection 'brilliant,' which leads the Copius Dissent Blogger to note how Palin is 'destroying' the Democrats and the leftist media.
She does not fit the Republican template. She is a strong woman who has managed to balance family life, run her own small business, and actually has a record of accomplishments. She did not come from money, and she calls herself a "hockey mom." The Democrats have been saying over and over that the Republicans do not understand what it means to be a middleclass American. Well, we have one now on the ticket.
Copius Dissent continues:
I also would like to point out that most of the supposed feminists on the Left are showing their true colors. They have trashed Palin continuously for simply being a woman, demonstrated by the fact they ignore her resume far superior to Obama's. Then also trashed her for having a family and wanting to know if she will be able to balance the job.......
Essentially, all the Leftists have come out of the closet to prove that if one wants to be black or a woman in politics, one better make sure to be a Democrat.
Copius Dissent concludes:
John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin was the biggest curveball ever thrown in this history of American politics. Best of all, the Democrats and the liberal media are one swing away from striking out.
Indeed, and rather than compare himself to Barack Obama, I might add John Key is more like Sarah Palin, and might find better inspiration from her.
He too is from a humble bakground, and has made good, with business success. Key also represents small town New Zealand, from Helensville, and is more in tune with middle New Zealand than his urban-based opponent.
We also see how the left and their media allies also demonise John Key, just as they have with Palin in America. Such demonising is not a failure of the candidates but proof of how the left and their media allies fear them!


danyl said...

Those who comment on Palin's 'lack of experience' should note Obama has none, and neither did Tony Blair or even Margaret Thatcher! who faced similar prejudice as a woman from humble origins in her rise to power.

Facts are stupid things, aren't they FFM?

Obama and Blair aside, before Thatcher became Prime Minister she had been an MP for twenty years, a cabinet secretary for four years and leader of the opposition for five years.

Adolf has taught you well.

Psycho Milt said...

Why else are they dishing the dirt in such a frenzy...

Perhaps they read some No Minister posts on Obama and took an example from them?

Those who comment on Palin's 'lack of experience' should note Obama has none...

My only comment on Palin's lack of experience is that selecting her effectively puts an end to all the right-wing blather about Obama's lack of experience. As we see in this very post, in fact - a couple of weeks' back, Obama's lack of experience was a rich source of ridicule on No Minister; now, "demonising" candidates in this way is apparently a sign of "fear" and "desperation." Well, OK, if you say so...

Finally, while we're comparing the treatment of Palin by left and right, have a look at how the right really sees her: as a potential VPILF.

Oswald Bastable said...

Nonsense- there is a huge difference between the top job and the VP's!

dad4justice said...

I love Sarah Palin and wish her well as the next Vice President.

The ex-expat said...

While I think that Palin's selection has been an interesting test of principles for feminists and progressives, I think you'd be surprised how many feminists have actually been disappointed by some left wing responses. See here. Also PM points out, some on the right have hardly been enlightened in their reaction to her selection.

Psycho Milt said...

Apologies, ex-expat - I saw that VPILF link on your blog and didn't acknowledge it.


Cheers Danyl

I was wondering about Thatcher's experience.
I recall she had been a MP for many years and she had served in the Heath government of the early 70s.
But I think it was Iain Dale referring to Margaret Thatcher not having much global experience, which certainly did not prevent Maggie from doing a stirling job as PM.
Her instincts were in the right place.
Can we say the same with Obama.

I guess the Thatcher / Palin comparisons stem from both being outside the political beltway, which I guess is what John Key was trying to tell the Financial Times with his Obama comparison.

And psycho, I do take your point about the criticism from the right about Obama's lack of experience now sounding somewhat hypocritical.
But being VP is different from having the top job and in her years running Alaska, sarah Palin will have mpore executive experience than being a mere senator for a few years.

And thanks for your comments too ex-ex-pat, I will look up the links.

But as Adolf noted above, it is interesting that Sarah Palin has had as much scrutiny from the MSM in the last few days than Obama has had for two years.

Falafulu Fisi said...

Clinton was a governor of an unknown place Arkansas (population-wise). His experience? Well fuck all. He had no experience according to the lefties who are now pointing out that Gov. Palin hasn't. This is an idiotic and a daft requirement. You can learn on the GO in such job, besides you have advisors who surround you all the time. The other point is, it is still 5 months before the newly elect president will take office next year, so an inexperience person can be well prepared in those months before entering office.

If experience is a requirement then certainly we should require Helen Clark & Mike Cullen, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Obama and those who are running for public office (ie, president, prime minister, etc...) to study MBA/Economics, Physics, Biology, Engineering, Climate Science, etc,... so that they know or acquire expertise/experience in those domains which are really vital for running a country.

But proponents of experience as a pre-requisite definitely know that there wasn't/isn't a world leader who have experience/expertise in those areas all at once, even if Einstein was offered the premiership of the State of Israel, in which he declined, he would have been regarded by some as an incompetent in the area of economics. But this doesn't mean that he can't be a head of state because of that inexperience in economics.