Friday, September 19, 2008

Where to?

I'm no expert at this but it seems that with all the problems in the worlds markets the Kiwi is holding its own. Maybe its because our high interest rates will always attract investors. We are a hard working country and have had paying high interest built into the way we do business and fund our lifestyles. Look at the alternative for the world's investors

The bad news isSo keen were investors to find a haven that they piled money into short-term US Treasury bills, even though they were offering only 0.02 per cent interest, the lowest rate since January 1941

Looks like we will be paying high interest rates for a long time yet.

Just think how much better off we would be if our wonderful Labour government had not increased taxation 50% over the rate of inflation, over the last decade. That stolen $200 per week per family has been made up on credit cards and mortgages. And they say Labour is for the working class. Loading people up with debt whilst Cullen ran big surpluses and expanded government spending was immoral.

Add to that the absolute disgraceful way Clark and her Axis have held the principles of every day Kiwi's in contempt and we are at a place now where it will take a massive effort for NZ to go ahead with a positive mindset.

The only place to start is dumping Clark and Peters in November so hard that they will never come back.

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