Thursday, September 18, 2008

What can we say about Roy Morgan?

After delivering a shock poll that had National just 6.5% ahead of Liarbour, Roy Morgan has just delivered another shocker.
The latest poll has New Zealand first DOUBLING its support to 5%, which would be enough to see the return of Winston Peters, regardless of what happens in Tauranga, or whether Liarbour strikes a deal to safeguard his deputy Ron Mark.
National is up 3% to 47.5%, with Liarbour down 1.5% to 36.5%, so the LEAD FOR NATIONAL has stretched out from 6.5% to 11%. ACT remains on 1.5%
I can only hope this is yet another rogue poll from the Australians.
If it is true, what does it say about New Zealand and its acceptance of corruption.
Have we become so used to it under Helengrad that not only do we turn a blind eye to it, but also fail to reward the one who helps uncover it, Rodney Hide. What has become of us?
I can only hope for more sensible findings from other polls expected soon, like the NZ Herald,TV3 and Fairfax/Nielsen.
In the meantime, Homepaddock says the poll defies gravity and logic. While Dave at Big News looks at the craziness of Winniegate and the poll.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well I think we can say something. The 'axis' voters are simply vascilating (much vaseline needed) between the bitch and the bauble.


Indeed Adolf, maybe Liarbour voters see that NZ First is nothing but Dear Leader' new appendage, so they some of switched over to keep it alive.

Inventory2 said...

Fear not fellas - the denouement of the Winston Peters saga (big word for a Friday eh!) is not far away.