Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What am I worth?

Fairfacts used to work for a magazine that had a feature called "What Am I Worth?"

People would write in and and detail their work skills and experience and a recruitment consultant would come up with a rough estimate.

So what is a former Prime Minister worth?

Jim Bolger seems to be doing quite nicely, thank you.

And would Dear Leader's value vary under a Liarbour or National Government.

If Uncle Helen doesn't head off to the UN or EUSSR and had to find work in New Zealand, what might the work be and would Key give her more roles than either Phil Goff or David Cunliffe?


pdm said...

Jeny Shipley appears to also have done very well. She of course is far more personable than Clark and has held jobs in the `real world' before entering politics as I recall.

Anonymous said...

what is clark worth? dog rolls are about $3 each and you'd probably get about 10 out of her: QED, $30.