Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Weekend Herald: Aussie exodus special

Over 40% of Kiwis are thinking of shifting to Australia, says a NZ Herald Nielsen Poll.

The poll highlights a 'special' in the NZ Herald, called 'Our Australian Future.'

There are numerous stories, too many to link to, and while numbers fleeing New Zealand are increasing, some are returning and some Australians are coming here.

Nonetheless, the Liarbour government is a factor, as well as Australia's better weather, higher wages, lower taxes, better job prospects, etc, etc.

Whoever wins, the exodus will continue, but as always the issue is, who has the best policies to curb the outflow.

Certainly it appears should Liarbour be re-elected there will be a surge of 'political refugees.'

As for me, I tried Oz a couple of years back and it was missing friends that brought me back. But careeer-wise , I seem to be stagnating. I am sure I would do better over the Tasman. I don't fancy Sydney anymore (too crowded, too expensive), but Brisbane or some coastal NSW or Queensland town looks tempting. Adelaide was lovely, but like Perth (where I went) is it too far away?

So, to other potential refugees, where in Oz would you go and why?


KG said...

Go to my hometown, Fairfacts! Darwin is booming, far from crowded and close to the Tiwi Islands and Indonesia.
We have the Mindil Beach markets in the evenings, where you can stroll along a tropical beach and buy all kinds of Asian foods.
And at night all you need is shorts and thongs. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice post --- except: some are returning and some Australians are coming here.

both of these are lies. Far, far, more Kiwis go to Australia than ever come here. What's more far more Iwis go over too, to escape the corrosive racism of good old NZ.

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

One day in the not too distant future New Zealand is going to end up joining the Australian Federation.

"Southern Territory" anyone?