Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Watch out for the workplace thought police!

So Shawn Tan has finally been sacked by the EPMU for standing for ACT in the upcoming general election.
Yes, it does seem odd that Tan is working for a union while supporting ACT, but Tan is a former Greenie and leftist, so there is nothing amiss with him working for a union.
Indeed, are EPMU members solely Liarbour voters? Is the EPMU so joined at the hip to Liarbour it can no longer be the independent third party it claims to be.
The EPMU claims Tan sent ACT emails in work time but an EPMU staffer standing for Liarbour did likewise, but he faces no disciplinary action.
So there we have it, the thought police are at work. Be careful who you work for. If necessary, hide your political beliefs.
So if you work in government, as Medellaine Setchell shows, do not have any links to the National Party. But if you are a Clare Curran, your Liarbour links are fine.
Of course, were a staffer working for the Employers and Manufacturers Association decide to stand for Liarbour, I am sure they would not be sacked. But if they were, I am sure the EPMU would not be rallying to the defence of the employer!


Anonymous said...

Unions are by definition as corrupt as any other protection racket.

They should simply be banned and attempts to "organise" unions treated in exactly exactly the same way as attempts to "organise" gangs or drug dealers.

Falafulu Fisi said...

ACT should now sack Mr. Tan because he is a diehard leftist, which is quite opposite to what ACT stands for. A leftist will always be a leftist.

Anonymous said...

"A leftist will always be a leftist"

Oh yea? You mean like Stephen Franks and Catherine Judd?