Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wake up world

We've had some fun with the busty maiden rebelling against her dad and his evil ideology.
But we need to do more than that.
We need to understand the threat facing us all.

Here is something well worth viewing and thinking about.Turn sound on, the message is short, fast, and starts immediately ..

Hat tip: Theo Spark


Wally said...

.This is just hate mongering. Pure and simple. There is no need to post this type of shit.

I like your blog, but after this post I'm not so sure.

dad4justice said...

Thank you for posting that FFM . Very chilling and informative video.

KG said...

"hate mongering"?
Can you point to any inaccuracies in that video Wally?
Or is the truth simply too uncomfortable for you to face?

emmess said...

Some might say the Head of Skate video is hatemongering too
Me I found it extremely funny despite the fact I am supporting McCain-Palin

Psycho Milt said...

OK, we've had this conversation before also: if FFM and others endorse the views expressed in this movie, what are they going to do about it? As usual, the fashos in the movie exhort us to rise up and take a stand against this subhuman Other, without actually spelling out what it means.

What do you actually mean by "take a stand" against this Other, guys? If they're such a terrible, dangerous threat, just posting nasty movies about them on the internet isn't going to cut it, is it? What are you proposing we actually do about this threat? Please make your wishes for action more explicit.

KG said...

O.K. What we can do is let our elected 'representatives' know that we won't countenance sharia law being introduced here as it has been in Britain. We can vote against any measure on the local or national level that seeks to give muslims special considerations.
We can attempt via blogs and emails to make people aware that radical islam is an ideology, not a religion and it doesn't deserve the protections other religions enjoy.
We can do a fair bit to raise awareness of the dangers of radical islam using the same grassroots activism the the Center For Vigilant Freedom employs. They've been fairly successful so far, lobbying congressmen and senators and exposing organisations such as CAIR (who may be soon facing investigation under the RICO laws as a result) for the muslim front organisations they are.
We can expose the money trails which fund pro-islam courses in Western universities and expose scams such as the pro-islam lecturers who are running "anti terrorism" courses for the ADF.
There's lots more, but that'll do for starters.
And I repeat to the lamebrain who describes that movie as "hate mongering": can you point to any inaccuracies?


KG answers the point correctly.
And like Emmess I found the Head of Skate video hilarious, which is why I posted it, even though I'm a Palin supporter too.