Saturday, September 13, 2008

Viva Las Vegas? California Dreamin' or Californication?

In an election campaign which Uncle Helen has decided will be fought on trust, how delicious that a scandal based on it is, looks set to break.
It appears to concern boxing, possibly scampi, and Uncle Helen's poodle, Winston Raymond Peters.
A few days ago, Whale Oil blogged about Winston Peters, his sporting connections and a visit Winston made to Las Vegas to see a boxing match.
Today, Whale Oil offers an interesting post on money laundering, warning New Zealand First staff should be very afraid.
The Hive has been covering Winston's Vegas visit too, adding today that Matthew Hooton thinks the story will break today or tomorrow, wondering what the PM knew and when.
RoarPrawn is leading on the story too. Indeed, Roarprawn seems particularly well-infomed and well connected to goings on concerning Winston Peters. Indeed, it seem to be scandals concerning scampi and Captain Baubles that led to the creation of Roarprawn.
And what with blogs like Whale Oil and Roarprawn covering scandals and pointing out some uncomfortble facts, it all makes it harder for politicians and their media allies to sweep things under the carpet. There is now more oppotunity for the truth to come out. Our monopolistic media don't own 'the news' anymore.
Indeed, look at some of the posts on The Hive. When Uncle Helen announced November 8 as the election date, it meant we were spared stories today of transport company donations, scampi and LasVegas. The much rumoured LAX Peter Davis 'incident' may also be revealed as part of the fall-out. I am sure we will get to hear the stories eventually, even if they get their first outing online.
Indeed, in a campaign Uncle Helen said would be fought on trust, not only might she choke on those words, but eventually rue them, as the truth looks set to 'out' itself, in so many ways.
UPDATE: Whale Oil has a late Saturday update, with some questions.


Barnsley Bill said...

fairfacts are you using me for post ideas this morning?
4 in a row you blogiariser.
Oh, and probably Melbourne but only because I have business in place already, given the choice I would be wearing white shoes renting mustangs in cavill ave with foster grant mirror sunglasses glued to my head.


Certainly not BB.
I guess it's a case of great minds thinking alike.
And there seems little else going on too.
I must check to see if it is 4 in a row.
I note you have commented on Oz too.


My Vegas post was out before you.
And where's your down and dirty post?
I was just looking for the song on You Tube, but couldn't find it.
I just remember it's from one of those horrid rappers I don't like.

Oh and Melbourne has gone up in my estimation too. Nice coffee and cafes . I quite like Daylesford an hour or two away in the hills.

Psycho Milt said...

You know, it doesn't matter how often you write posts trying to spin Winston Peters' antics as somehow being Helen Clark's responsibility, they remain NZ First's problem. Winnie's antics reflect on Clark no more than the reflected on Jim Bolger or Jennie Shipley when he was their poodle.

Wait - what am I doing, referring to NZ prime ministers by their actual names? I'll take a leaf from Fairfacts' book and refer to "Spud English-Mangler" for Jim Bolger and "Fat Slag" for Jennie Shipley in future.

The much rumoured LAX Peter Davis 'incident' may also be revealed as part of the fall-out.

As may the actual whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa. Will the rumours about John Key, the prize sow and the three rent boys also be confirmed at the same time?


I thought it was four rent boys PM?

Anonymous said...

Winne ... somehow being Helen Clark's responsibility,

Yeah. Unfortunately for Labour, the Constitution (or what we have that passes for a constitution) states that probity of ministers is precisely the responsibility of the Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Lax Boy - and the level 9 H3 pix...

Xend Krazley said...

Regarding a supposed LAX incident, I was wondering what possible inducement GW could have used to get the PM to sign off on the US/India nuke deal. Could the answer lie in LA?

Psycho Milt said...

Could the answer lie in LA?

On the basis that his ability to knacker our economy by tweaking a few trade barriers isn't enough of an explanation, or what?

Xend Krazley said...

Psyco, the anti-nuke issue goes to the core of kiwi identity, does it not?
So I'm stunned (and puzzled) that Helen's signing off on the US/India nuke deal gets so little comment here, aren't you?
As for GW being able to bugger NZ's economy...well, can you really think of a more compelling and vote-getting rallying cry for labour than for Helen to say she'd been strong-armed by the hated George Bush?
So the question remains: why'd she do it? What compelled her? Had to be big, I'd guess


Interesting to see the Hive suggests the Herald on Sunday may have something tomorrow.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Best comment thus far from Alan at roarprawn:

Blogger Alan said...

I think this one relating to
Winston may be a bit of a 'damp squid' unfortunately.

14 September 2008 08:33