Sunday, September 14, 2008

TV1 Poll today

Well, it looks set to be the first poll of the campaign.
So what will Colmar-Brunton reveal today?
Already, Guyon Espiner was sounding a little excited the other day.
How much will Winston damage Liarbour?
Has the setting of the Election Date made any difference? Indeed when exactly was the poll carried out?
Last Month saw National on 51 to 37% Labour, with some concerns over 'trust' for National following the tape business.
Other polls afterwards also showed a narrowing between Naional and Labour, with Roy Morgan last week, having the gap sharply down at 6.5%.
So what will it be this month?
I feel National will be down a tad to 48-49% but I see no movement for Liarbour. I feel Winston will be down to 2-3%, with Rodney's campigning on Winston pushing ACT to 3%, thus giving National-ACT or National-ACT-Maori a working majority. What do you think?
Oh, and I wonder if Winston First and Helen First will also be quizzed over trust, like National was last month!


adamsmith1922 said...

Is my first view on the campaign styles


Surprising poll results , says TV1