Thursday, September 25, 2008

The truth about trains

As TVNZ and The Standard continue to wet themselves over how many shares John Key had in Tranzrail, let's us compare and contrast the honesty or otherwise of John Key versus Liarbour First.
Liberty Scott sums it up beautifully.
Meanwhile, Dr Cullen has never admitted when Labour started seriously thinking about buying Toll Rail, and the advice that Treasury has been giving, over some years, as to the cost of any purchase. That involves hundreds of millions of dollars of OTHER people's money.
The 1999 Labour Manifesto did not say it would buy back the Auckland rail network.
The 2002 Labour Manifesto did not say it would buy back the national rail network.
The 2005 Labour Manifesto did not say it would buy Toll Rail. It implied that money recovered from operators would be "used to further develop and maintain the network" when it didn't even enforce such charges against Toll Rail when it was in private ownership.
Now according to the NZ Herald, an additional $380 million of taxpayers' money is being put into this "business", Labour didn't say it would do that either.
So John Key has lied and cost the taxpayer nothing - Michael Cullen and Helen Clark have avoided telling the public their intentions before elections, and cost the taxpayer not far short of a billion dollars.
Indeed, remember how Cullen tried to hide various hidden costs in the deal until he was sprung by the media. On Tranzrail , Liarbour has nothing but a track record of lies and evasion, not to mention Cullen paying several times more for Tranzrail than it was worth.
These are lies that are costing the taxpayer many hundreds of millions of sollars, but all Liarbour First lapdogs like Fran Mould can do is focus on Key, making errors herself apparantly because she takes Liarbour at their word, when on rail it has lied all along.
Hat tip: Liberty Scott


Poneke said...

There's a really interesting editorial about trains in the Herald today which I am sure you will give massive publicity to:

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poneke, if you've nothing better to do than go trolling here and over at Farrar's place, you'd better go and find yourself a job.

Whaleoil said...

Must be a bummer not having any buses to comment on

Anonymous said...

...and whilst we're talking about shares, don't forget what Clark and Cullen did to ordinary Kiwi shareholders by playing politics with Auckland airport.

Psycho Milt said...

So, what you're saying is that Key's proven dishonesty and failure to disclose conflicts of interest is unimportant, because the govt made a decision you diagree with. As usual, I'm not following the logic...

Anonymous said...

Key was not dishonest. That's clear: its a media beat-up. Key is an independent businessman: why do you all hate business so much?

There is an absolutely huge difference between rorting an election system, legislating to pay yourself or your mates huge sums, taking bribes or paying them to other parties to form a coalition

and having an independent business.

Clearly the Labour trolls here don't understand the difference.